Daily Archives: December 5th, 2014

An Upside-Down Christmas for Our Upside-Down World

Police Retraining Already Underway

Now that’s how the cops should handle petty criminals! Watch the faces of shock and revulsion, LOL A MUST-SEE

Auntie Fee’s GROSS Thanksgiving Turkey (WARNING: VOMIT-WORTHY)

Dear God, she actually fed THAT to her Thanksgiving guests! The Nastiest Turkey on Earth WATCH HOW SHE MADE THAT SHIT (click the MORE LINK below)

Pastor Wants Gays Executed by Christmas to Stop AIDS

Arizona Baptist Pastor Steven Anderson says it’s “biblical” — mass killings of homosexuals to stop the disease of HIV/AIDS.  He promises an HIV/AIDS-free world by Christmas… by “executing all homos like God recommends.” Video footage of Anderson’s bizarre rant went viral earlier this week. In it (embedded below), the pastor argues that members of the […]

Crazy Nut Trailer Trash Grandpa Destroys Christmas Tree!

Oh that old son-of-a-bitch! Put him in a fucking rest home, sonny!