Daily Archives: December 20th, 2014

Sick Anti-Jesus Freaks Doing Horrific Things to Jesus’ Head

A demon-possessed hoe eating sacrificial bloody meat (ADULT, NSFW SMUT) over a Jesus head while her freak boyfriend masturbates on it provide the entertainment for atheists and the demon-possessed who hate Jesus Christ — especially at Christmas.   Burn them.  BURN THEM WITH FIRE! Watch the cringe-worthy filth here using Embeddlrdownload/iPhone

Most Delicious Coffee Beans

Note the sheen on these fresh Highlander Grogg coffee beans from the fabulous Laughing C.A.T. coffee and tea leaves shop in Reno, where they roast fresh coffee beans and serve only the top of the line beans and tea leaves in the world. A fabulous, fragrant store to visit and the prices are reasonable.

Fat Bitch Filmed Stealing Christmas Packages from Home; Internet Outrage

Update at 4:27 p.m. on December 19: Dallas police say they have arrested the two people who’ve been stealing packages from Northwest Dallas — and Highland Park — porches. According to police, the woman seen in the surveillance video captured by homeowners is Priscilla Castaneda, who turns 27 today, and the man driving the Ford […]

Asshole Management at Walmart Kicked Out Christmas Carolers and Threatened to Call the Cops on Them

A group of Oregon high school students showed up to an area Walmart to serenade shoppers with traditional Christmas carols, but store management at the Klamath Falls location kicked them out and threatened to call police if they didn’t immediately vacate the premises.  How’s that for “Christmas Cheer”?  You can bet the manager that did […]