Daily Archives: December 22nd, 2014

World’s First Transgender Doll Shocks Mother; Apeshit Ensues

A girl’s doll with a dick shocks a mother of a three-year-old girl child.  And when she posted a photo of the doll’s dick on Facebook all sorts of apeshit ensued incited by haters, naturally. “LOOK MOMMY! DADDY’S DICK IS ON MY DOLLY!”

More Horrible People Caught On Camera Stealing Packages From Porch

Porch Theft in San Francisco The above video was captured from a camera in a house in San Francisco’s Noe Valley neighborhood. You can see a man and woman — already carrying a bag with something inside — stroll up to the front gate, where the man lets himself in and then helps himself to […]

Homophobic Pastor Arrested for Squeezing Man’s Cock ‘N Balls in Seedy Park

Get the fitting name: GAYLard! Gaylard Williams, an Indiana preacher famous for condemning gays, arrested by coppers after he massaged a stranger’s genitals in a park and asked him for oral sex; police found pornography in his car (which he claimed was being delivered to someone else).

Town Erects Bronze Statue of Soccer Star Ronaldo with a Big, Bulging Crotch

Soccer great Cristiano Ronaldo is honored by his home town in Portugal with a statue in his likeness, including his much-sought-after BIG PENIS jutting out, an area of the statue that women and men will certainly yearn to touch and rub with their hands for years to come!  Just another example of the awe and […]