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Donald Trump Pinatas Now on Sale in Mexico

Mexico fights back against Trump’s discrimination with pinatas created by artist Dalton Avalos Ramirez, and sells for 500 pesos, or $40. See his Pinateria Ramirez Facebook for more. Time magazine says the Trump pinatas “are a hit in Mexico.”

Anal Sex in Grand Theft Auto 5 Video Game and Many More Sex Scenes for Your Kids to Enjoy!

Looky what game programmers are writing into games for kids these days. Oh looky! Here’s another one!

Grow Pot on Facebook!

“Plant and harvest weed on Facebook!”   Build epic hydroponics, psychedelic decorations, and groovy contraptions while avoiding getting busted by Ranger Dick.  Grow all your favorite crops like OG Kush, Northern Lights, Grandaddy Purple, and HUNDREDS MORE!   CLICK HERE TO PLAY NOW! [Pot Farm App Page here]

Psycho Dad Shreds Son’s Video Games (VIDEO)

Expletives abound as psycho dad gathers up son’s beloved video games to shred them with the lawn mower (the destruction occurs at pos. 01:44 in embedded video below), telling his son he needs to get a life and get a job. Watch the son let out primal screams of pain from his inner child after […]

SUPER Crazy Gamer Smashes Babe’s Laptop (VIDEO)

Gamer rage! Some guy ranting about a game when “Babe” — his chick — says “who cares?” as she uses her laptop.  Rage guy jumps up, grabs her laptop and throws it to the floor screaming at her: “Who cares if I grab your laptop and smash it on the ground!” [He makes another video […]

Superbowl Slut Ads

Apparently in some households, watching the Superbowl game comes second to engaging in sex acts with “slut” slaves advertised on Craigslist to serve “big cocked” horny men during the game proceedings. FILTHY NASTY SLOBS. [See the ads at Superbowl Wife, Superbowl Servant, Superbowl Slut and Homies White Slut Superbowl.] Perverts’ Superbowl

SUCKER Pays $750 for a PHOTO of an XBox One Sold by Online Crook

UPDATE: Store gives ripped off guy a new XBox One. Thinking he was getting a great deal, a man responded to an ad on eBay for a brand new XBox One gaming console on eBay for $750.00 (that’s way, way too much to pay) for his son for Christmas. Little did he know the crook […]

Angriest Granny Plays Grand Theft Auto V To The Death!

Dubbed “the world’s angriest granny” by Internet goobers, watch this loveable foul-mouthed 87-year-old British granny play Grand Theft Auto V with vengeance!  She’s known as GAMERGRAN87 on YouTube (only one video, maybe she died after playing the game below): “Wankers! Wankers! I’ll get you, you bastard!”

New Chris Dorner “Last Stand” Killing Game

Internet freaks who idolize Dorner’s muscles and huge penis created video game called “Dorner’s Last Stand Survival Game” in which Dorner is portrayed as a hero. See demo game play on YouTube or Download it here. WARNING: Demo Video Contains Offensive Rap Smut Here’s one person’s response to the game:

New Game: Bullet to the Head of the NRA

A new gun nuts game by leftists that mocks a target practice game for 4-year-olds created by and for National Rifle Association (NRA) members has surfaced. Game play: Your goal is to shoot NRA president David Keene and NRA executive VP Wayne LaPierre in the head with the very AR-15 they endorse. (see story and […]

Playstation 2 Discontinued

According to Japanese tech publication Famitsu, Sony Computer Entertainment of Japan announced this week that they are discontinuing the PlayStation 2, with no new shipments going to retailers in its home nation.  The announcement comes after a storied 13-year run for the system.  Most people own the Playstation 3, and a Playstation 4 is on […]

New “Monopoly Entitlements” Game for the Broke and Unemployed on Welfare and Social Security

Right-wing Romney ass-licking conservative’s asshole game making fun of the unemployed, poor and disadvantaged in our current time — created by cynical people who obviously are the filthy rich and gainfully employed privileged of our society — who have never had to stand in a food bank line, suffer the humiliation of applying for […]