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EUUU! Police SCRAPE Smuggled Heroin from Inside Man’s Foreskin

BOMBSHELL!  Police patted down some guy acting weird on a train and found heroin under the foreskin of his dick. Imagine when cops got a whiff of his foreskin smegma during the examination. Phew.

Rugby League Star Randomly Grabs Dude’s Junk During Match

Screengrabber writes: “Newcastle forward Korbin Sims took time out from a 30-10 loss to grab the genitals of Manly’s Willie Mason in an incident that is rocking the Australian rugby league world. Sims is accused of “pinching” Mason’s dong in an attempt to provoke him into fighting and thus earning a penalty. (It didn’t work; […]

Man with Pinocchio Penis Tattoo Gets Lifetime Ban from Flying After Showing it to Passengers!

Darn.  I miss all the fun!  Wish I was on that flight so Tom Washington could have shown his Pinocchio penis tattoo to me.  I wouldn’t have SNITCHED HIM OUT like all those other ASSHOLES did!  What a bunch of mealy-mouthed crybaby whiners people have become ratting out each other so they can get over on someone!  […]

Men’s Novelty Aprons

Are you a BBQ master? Offend your BBQ party guests with these “surprise aprons” from Etsy! Handy towel… Surprise, surprise!

Castration in Movie Scenes

Severed penises in films are memorialized on the Tumblr blog Castration in Movie Scenes. In the disturbing clip below, a man is beaten by a gang of thugs, the boss gives the order to cut his dick off, followed by a blood-spurting close-up of the severed dick and then the man is thrown into a […]

Mexican Cops Find Gays Passed Out in Car with Penis in Mouth

A couple of gay drunks parked on the side of a road fell asleep during oral sex.  Armed Mexican cops find them snoring with their car door wide open, with one of the guys asleep on the other guy’s crotch with his dick in his mouth.  [From Crazyshit.com]  

VIRAL: The Thumping Sound of a Hot Latin’s Spunk (ADULT, NSFW)

A treat ONLY for our gay visitors: At 40 seconds into his video, a buff young Latin male ejects quite a bit of THICK, potent, baby-making seminal fluid which falls to waste on the floor making loud thumping sounds with each burst — a sound that is driving gays insane all over the Web in […]

Creepy Male TSA Screeners Messed Around with Computer to Enjoy Groping the Dicks of Male Passengers!

The Smoking Gun writes:  “Two Transportation Security Administration screeners have been fired for conspiring to allow the fondling of attractive male travelers passing through a security checkpoint at Denver’s airport, investigators report…” Keep Reading this true and disgusting story of a CONSPIRACY to fondle cute guys’ penises — especially guys with BIG BULGES!  Female TSA employees […]

Freak Seven Pound Dick

German has been injecting silicone into his dick for years. Now it weighs 7 pounds and he can barely use it. See WEIRD MEDICINE for more.

Freak Nearly Loses His Dick To Infection After Putting Candy Under Dirty Foreskin

Read all about how a weirdo who made his SMEGMA-LADEN dirty pecker get laced with flesh-eating bacteria after he stuffed popping candy under his penis’ foreskin and didn’t clean himself for weeks (see Filthy Penis on Tumblr for images of dirty penises with smegma all over them (ADULT, VERY GROSS)). Within three weeks, the sugary […]

Actor Wakes Up to Find His Testicles STOLEN After He is Drugged by an Evil City Woman in Russian Bar!

Dudes, beware of pretty blondes in bars!  They dope your drink and steal your balls in an organ traffic scheme!  A TV actor in Russia woke up in acute pain at a bus stop with bloody pants to discover his testicles had been removed by a gang of organ thieves!  Now he’ll never be able […]

How The Oscars Kept Viewers from Falling Asleep: PENIS WORSHIP!