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“With Sodomy in Mind…”

Budding Artist. (Wonder what the landlord says about his “wall art.”) Give it the old Stinky Finger Test

Paris Menswear Models Flash Penises on Catwalk

The sight of men’s genitals at the Rick Owens’ menswear show in Paris on Thursday caused a bit of a stir. “In a highly unusual move, the American designer sent four of his models down the runway wearing clothes with peepholes that showed full-frontal male nudity underneath.”

Wife Chops Off Cheating Husband’s Penis TWICE — Then Stray Animal Nabs it For a Snack

Crazy cunt snipped off man’s magnificent 12-inch cock with a pair of scissors in a jealous fit of rage after going through his cell phone — then sneaked into the hospital and cut if off off again after it was reattached… but this time she threw the severed cock out the window, only to be […]

Play-Doh Offers Replacement on its Penis-Shaped Toy — Not a Shakedown Payday

“Our Christmas was ruined because of this!” People with their minds in the gutter see a Play-Doh “extruder” toy used for pushing the clay substance through (see what it does here) into shapes during play wasted no time getting on Facebook and Twitter to say it is shaped like an “adult sex toy” to damn […]

Cringe-Worthy Male “Escort” with Micropenis in Seattle

Sailor James is a male escort in the Seattle, Washington area taking calls from “clients” interested in getting to know his extreme MICROPENIS (see the teeny-tiny thing close-up here and here and in the car here). “Where is it?”

Welcome, 2015

THIS is Celebrated on New Year’s Day! New Year’s Day marks the Feast of the Circumcision of Christ, a celebration of the circumcision of Jesus’ penis in accordance with Jewish tradition in which a huge feast is had over the Holy penile circumcision that occurred 8 days after the birth of Baby Jesus.  In cities […]

Town Erects Bronze Statue of Soccer Star Ronaldo with a Big, Bulging Crotch

Soccer great Cristiano Ronaldo is honored by his home town in Portugal with a statue in his likeness, including his much-sought-after BIG PENIS jutting out, an area of the statue that women and men will certainly yearn to touch and rub with their hands for years to come!  Just another example of the awe and […]

Creepy Girlfriend Signs, Photographs Boyfriend’s Junk Before He Goes Out [Video]

A jealous, suspicious woman who doesn’t trust her cheating boyfriend actually tells Steve Harvey and his team of psych experts that she signs her name on her boyfriend’s penis — and then photographs it — every time before he leaves the house, and has been doing so for FOUR YEARS. That’s right, darlings, I repeat:  […]

Fast-Food Worker Constantly Has Penis on the Brain; Job Performance Suffers, Notes Supervisor

English 101 Fail. It’s supposed to be spelled “Coke” not “COCK”!

Couple’s Spy Camera Catches Construction Worker Playing With His Dick on the Job

A couple who set up cameras to spy on lazy construction workers goofing off on the job at their house hit pay-dirt when the camera caught a gorgeous worker masturbating on the job in their living room. But, as stupid people go these days, instead of using the sex act footage to blackmail the horny […]