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Student Who Stuck His Dick Out in High School Yearbook Photo Faces Life as a “Sex Offender” in PC Conspiracy to Ruin His Life

UPDATE: Playgirl magazine (features nude men showing their dicks for women to ogle) is after him.

“We’re trying to reach this kid to get him in Playgirl. We want to support him as this was a hilarious prank, and people are too tightly wound. Playgirl.com would like to have him pose naked and pay his legal bills.”

ApeshitPhoto of Yearbook Page — You Can’t Even See His Penis!  Ruin His Life Over This?  Despicable Injustice!

STUPID! Ruin a person's life over this? Outrageous!
SCHOOL: “While the small size of the photograph as published makes the details difficult to discern, the yearbook has been recalled so the school can make a minor but critical edit for the inappropriate content.”

Penis-Freaks2An 18-year-old’s prank, he claims he was dared into doing by fellow students, is under the gun by whackos of the world for showing his penis in a year book photo (which can’t be seen). They want to ruin the youngster’s life by having the law deem him as a Injustice-Served“sex offender” by throwing him in jail and forcing him to register as a sex offender wherever he goes for the rest of his life.  He was jailed on the night of his senior prom with 69 counts of indecent exposure, a class 1 misdemeanor, and a class 4 felony.  OUTRAGEOUS!

But his fellow students say this hoopla perpetrated by the cops and school is bullshit and say it’s unfair to ruin the kid’s life over a foolish school prank that you can’t even see Another example of politically correct (PC) morons using the law in a conspiracy to ruin someone’s life.  They have set up a petition to free him.

CONSPIRACY: You Can’t Even SEE His Penis in this Blown-Up Year Book Photo!

Hunter Osborn Exposure

Crazy Meth Freak Wife Bites Husband’s Penis Off

“She told police that she had spent many hours sharpening her teeth with nail file over the last week, in order to make the castration easier.”

“The accused was sitting on a couch, smoking crystal meth with her face and clothes full of blood. She immediately confessed to castrating her husband, screaming “I bit his dick off!” over and over again, and bragging about her crime.”
“The accused was sitting on a couch, smoking crystal meth with her face and clothes full of blood. She immediately confessed to castrating her husband, screaming “I bit his dick off!” over and over again, and bragging about her crime.”

Emasculated in Florida

“Jesus Ramon Sanchez, from the Little Havana neighborhood in Miami, was allegedly attempting to engage in sexual intercourse with a 4-year old male pit bull, when the dog defended itself by tearing off the man’s genitals with its teeth.”

Emasculated in Florida

Housewife Flipped Out Over a Pork Loin That Looked Like a Severed Penis to Her

Mugshot MascaraFriends and family were called to console a hysterical housewife who unwittingly bought a pork tenderloin that resembled a penis. When she discovered what she had purchased upon returning home from the market, she became embarrassed and worried about damage to her upstanding image in the community for having purchased such “a filthy and despicable thing.”

“It’s really quite rude. The color certainly helps. It’s pretty realistic.”


WTF? Penis Car Rims!

Penis-Freaks2Our nation’s constant worship and adoration of the almighty penis knows no bounds as seen in this ad selling penis tire rims.

WHY are people in America so fascinated with THE PENIS?  WHY!



Adoration of Phallus

Phallic Demon Seed Worship of the Satanic Adoration of the Phallus (an ADULT, NSFW Satanist site) writes:

Very Sick Satanic Site“The sacred link between Phallus and the world is kept true through the passing of Seed from man to man. This is the Truth and the Sacred Way that created all things and, through the worship by man of Phallus, sustains all things. Giving worship and pleasure to Phallus is the Cockworshiper’s responsibility and Path. Taking and worshiping Seed is the Cockworshiper’s covenant of faith and commitment to the coming world, a world in which Phallus is omnipresent in life and Cock is worshiped freely and without censure. A world in which all men give themselves not to war and hate but to worship and constant adoration…”

Children Cry Over Mall’s “Obscene” Penis Light Display

CrybabiesA Mall has decided to sue a Christmas Light company over its light display — that looks like a giant lighted penis.

Awww!  Sour grapes!  And what’s wrong with having a lighted penis over the Mall?  People in America are so uptight over the wonder organ that provides such inestimable pleasure!  They should make it FLASH with red whore lights!  Yet another example of America’s never-ending fascination for the almighty penis… even during this time of Holy Baby Jesus!

“Customers came running up to us almost in tears,” Tom Downey, manager for the mall told CBS News. “They were confused and some of the children were crying after what they had seen. In 36 years of running malls and department stores, I have never witnessed anything like this. That company should be ashamed of themselves.”

Shut-UpOH BALONEY, Tom! “Crying children”? Seriously? You’re just hoping for a big shakedown windfall! SHUT UP!

Dollar Store Chocolate Santa Has Nothing to do With Christmas

Penis-Freaks2It appears to have everything to do with America’s Canada’s never-ending fascination for DICKS! [Story on CityNews.ca]