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Town Erects Bronze Statue of Soccer Star Ronaldo with a Big, Bulging Crotch

Soccer great Cristiano Ronaldo is honored by his home town in Portugal with a statue in his likeness, including his much-sought-after BIG PENIS jutting out, an area of the statue that women and men will certainly yearn to touch and rub with their hands for years to come!  Just another example of the awe and […]

Creepy Girlfriend Signs, Photographs Boyfriend’s Junk Before He Goes Out [Video]

A jealous, suspicious woman who doesn’t trust her cheating boyfriend actually tells Steve Harvey and his team of psych experts that she signs her name on her boyfriend’s penis — and then photographs it — every time before he leaves the house, and has been doing so for FOUR YEARS. That’s right, darlings, I repeat:  […]

Fast-Food Worker Constantly Has Penis on the Brain; Job Performance Suffers, Notes Supervisor

English 101 Fail. It’s supposed to be spelled “Coke” not “COCK”!

Couple’s Spy Camera Catches Construction Worker Playing With His Dick on the Job

A couple who set up cameras to spy on lazy construction workers goofing off on the job at their house hit pay-dirt when the camera caught a gorgeous worker masturbating on the job in their living room. But, as stupid people go these days, instead of using the sex act footage to blackmail the horny […]

Holiday Shopping Tip: Something for the DRUNK in Your Life

Drunks can sip pecker-warmed booze with these SpeakEasy Briefs that hold a stainless steel flask.  Not only that, but the massive crotch bulge the SpeakEasy Briefs provide will trick penis-watching chicks and size-queen gays into thinking you’re packing a big weeny!  You’ll find yourself fending off reach-a-rounds, sudden groping and offers for head, no matter […]

Jungle Native’s Nasty Dance to Trees Makes Women Viewers Suddenly Horny

“The most disturbing thing I have ever watched,” wrote one viewer. Crazy-eyed native does erotic hump dance to banana trees: twerking, lewdly thrusting at and rubbing trees with his penis, and displays athletic stripper club pole-dance moves that shock and awe those who watch this dance of filth.   Another twisted delight from Facebook. Post by […]

Chick Breaks Into Guy’s House & Tries to Suck His Dick — He Calls the Cops!

“The man told a Williamson County Sheriff’s Office deputy that he “awoke to the feeling of an unknown party on top of him,” adding that he “felt the offender place his penis in her mouth.” The Smoking Gun — Megan Davis Hoelting was arrested and charged after allegedly breaking into the home of her husband’s […]

Once Again, Phallic Symbols Sell Big Time

Yet another loathsome attempt by media to sell things using The Almighty Penis.  This time it’s Phallic Symbol Buttermilk.  When will this gutter-minded nationwide obsession with the penis end? ButterFilth for Sale

Carol of the Belts

Band dressed up as Egyptian mummies perform a Christmas tune by thrusting musical instruments attached to their penis area. “4000 year old Funk Band, Here Come The Mummies, perform a Christmas arrangement entitled “Carol of the Belts”. Rest assured, you will love this clip and will see why “The Thrust is a MUST”! Ho Ho […]

VIDEO: Man’s Erection Caught in Subway Door!

The Question Is: WHY did he have a pervy erection in the subway? VIDEO TITLE — “Terrible Accident: Man gets a hard-on at the worst possible moment.”