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Freak Nearly Loses His Dick To Infection After Putting Candy Under Dirty Foreskin

Read all about how a weirdo who made his SMEGMA-LADEN dirty pecker get laced with flesh-eating bacteria after he stuffed popping candy under his penis’ foreskin and didn’t clean himself for weeks (see Filthy Penis on Tumblr for images of dirty penises with smegma all over them (ADULT, VERY GROSS)). Within three weeks, the sugary […]

Actor Wakes Up to Find His Testicles STOLEN After He is Drugged by an Evil City Woman in Russian Bar!

Dudes, beware of pretty blondes in bars!  They dope your drink and steal your balls in an organ traffic scheme!  A TV actor in Russia woke up in acute pain at a bus stop with bloody pants to discover his testicles had been removed by a gang of organ thieves!  Now he’ll never be able […]

How The Oscars Kept Viewers from Falling Asleep: PENIS WORSHIP!


Nut Cuts Off His Dick, Cooks It and Serves It To People to Eat (PHOTOS)

Yes, this story is FOR REAL. We can’t make this CRINGE-WORTHY news up, dear reader. Read on! In some sort of silly “gender rebellion” scheme, Mao Sugiyama, a 24-year old illustrator from Tokyo, Japan, surgically removed his genitals and auctioned them off for people to eat.  Mao underwent genital-removal surgery and received a bag full […]

Man Wakes Up To Find Girlfriend Biting His Penis Off

After a drunken fight with his girlfriend over her unwanted sexual advances, a man woke up on his couch to find the woman with her fangs bared in the middle of biting his penis off.  He tried to fight her off, but she bashed him over the head with a laptop before fleeing with his […]

Crazed Woman Attacks Boyfriend Over a Penis Picture Sent By Laughing Homosexual

A drunken, allegedly pregnant woman (nobody’s sure on that) “went mad” and beat up her boyfriend after his homosexual friend sent him a picture of a penis for a laugh, a court heard.  The pregnant woman went ballistic at the sight of the penis appearing on the computer screen, calling her boyfriend gay.  During her […]

Nude Mr. Spock to Appear on “Girls” TV Show

Extremely sexy Zachary Quinto, who plays the legendary Mr. Spock in the new “Star Trek” movies, announced he’s going naked on a MTV TV show called “Girls” about a group of twenty-something girls living in New York City, where men are usually portrayed as dumb sex objects and objectified by modern-day feminists in story-lines.  For example, […]

The Erotic Garden and Teahouse of Thailand

The peculiar fascination for the male genitalia in our gutter-minded society today is not limited to Vulgarian Americans alone — here we have a penis-obsessed artist in Thailand who has erected a garden full of penis sculptures of all sizes, shapes and colors — along with other sexual areas of the body — named as […]

NAKED McDonalds Customers Show Their Junk as They Order!

Three men sauntered into a McDonalds restaurant naked proudly bearing their slinging penises and placed their hamburger orders.  After being served, they sauntered back out to their waiting getaway car — leaving shocked McDonalds customers’ jaws agape. Damn it! Stop censoring important news!

Spring Fashion Statement

Cripes, what a dickhead.  Go ahead and wear that at high school and see what happens.

Man Gets Gigantic 25-Pound Penis Implant in Hopes of a Porn Career

Lucas Weston, a not-so-bright UCLA law student, decided there is more money in porn than practicing law.  He sought out Doctor Frankenstein who agreed to install a 25-pound penile implant that gives the twisted student the biggest penis on planet Earth to satisfy his lifelong dream of becoming a pornstar — wasting tens of thousands […]