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Arrested for Grabbing Cops’ Cocks Twice

While under arrest police say Michael Edwards suddenly lunged forward and grabbed a deputy’s testicles in two separate incidents. Edwards “refused to release his grasp until Investigative Services Bureau agents forcefully removed his hands.”


Grabbed Cops Cock

Horny Cops

Gay British Man Has Fathered 10 Babies In One Year: ‘It Seems That I Am Incredibly Fertile’

A 26-year-old gay man says he only charges moms-to-be for travel and hotel expenses spreads his potent sperm across England, donating sperm to father 10 babies in one year alone.

His potent gay dick is making babies all over the place!

Potent Gay Sperm Donor

“Wait a minute… gays don’t MAKE babies! Heterosexuals do! Yet another example of our backward, upside-down world today!”

Highlights from “Trainwreck”

Penis-Freaks2For millions in America obsessed with the almighty penis, the pivoting moment of the new comedy movie about dating and monogamy (or lack thereof) “Trainwreck (official site)” (reviews) is watching WWE superstar John Cena’s cameo appearance grinding away on top of AmySchumer.

John Cena Trainwreck
Amy Schumer shocked by John Cena’s huge penis at bed time.
John Cena Trainwreck2
John Cena talks about himself during a heterosexual breeding moment with Amy Schumer.

[See NewNowNext for other exciting action shots. Cena says his sex scene, that took all day to film, was embarrassing — apparently for him because they had to use a phony “stunt penis” instead of his real money-maker in the conspiracy. Ha-ha!]

VIDEO: Organic Dildo Penis Plants Grown in Cambodia!

Since the release of this SHOCKING VIDEO, hordes of sexually-depraved people have been flying to this farm in Cambodia to get the seeds of the amazing plant — that resembles the organ we all love and admire.

Groping for the Tucked Away Stinky Surprise

Penis-Freaks2Look at that nasty bitch.  She looks like she’s planning on taking a bite out of it.  She can’t even wait to get off the bus to the corner Motel Six to get at that funky pair in hair, let alone allow him to at least wash it off for her first.  Such uncivilized behavior on public transit!  I hope he got checked for STDs after he did Ms. Horror Movie Queen.

Nasty Bitch

Here’s another desperate dick slob. She’s got stinky sweaty dick funk on her hands from Mr. Creepy who look like he’s just seen Michael Jackson’s ghost. Christ, you’d think these guys were the only dicks on Earth to these desperate chicks. Yuck. Carry fricken hand disinfectant in your purses with your weed, pills and little liquor shot bottles.

Ball Stink

Prison Worker Tells Husband She Didn’t Have Sex with Big-Dicked Escaped Murderer

Tillie Didn’t Take Matt’s Big One!

Husband Says Tillie Didnt Do It

Penis-Freaks2It appears, by ALL their articles, Gawker is FIXATED on escaped murderer Richard Matt’s huge penis.

GAWKER writes:  “The husband of Joyce “Tillie” Mitchell, the prison worker accused of helping two convicts escape prison earlier this month, said his wife did not have sex with the allegedly big-dicked murderer Richard Matt. Lyle Mitchell (with teef pictured above) told Matt Lauer in an interview on TODAY this morning that his wife claims Matt (the murderer, not Lauer) tried to kiss her “a couple times” but that’s all.  Sure buddy.”

See another Gawker article: “Search for Escaped Murderer With Huge Dick Extends Into Vermont

Small Penis Pageant in New York (PHOTOS)

Penis-Freaks2“Over 100 tiny penis lovers packed into King’s County Bar in Bushwick yesterday afternoon for the third annual Smallest Penis In Brooklyn pageant, a celebration of all things micro and proud…” NSFW Photos of the event here, penis freaks!

Smallest Penis Pageant Winner

Smallest Penis Winner NYC

Escaped Prisoner Was Romeo with Super Big Dick

Richard-Matt-and-David-SweatHe is, according to one cop, “the most vicious, evil person I’ve ever come across in 38 years as a police officer.”

He also has a gigantic cock just like Satan.  [Source]

SickDuring almighty_penisinterrogation, a prison officer remarked escaped murderer psychopath Richard Matt is “handsome and extremely well-endowed” — which leads prison officials to believe someone on the inside was coerced into helping him escape by being sexually manipulated by his HUGE PENIS

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Inventor of Bullet-Proof Jock Strap Gets Shot in the Dick to Test It

Penis-Freaks2Jeremiah Raber’s bullet-proof JOCK STRAP invention, called Nutshellz (a brand of athletic cup designed to protect a man’s testicles), gets put to the test by the inventor himself — who has his business partner shoot his dick WITH A RIFLE.

“Oh Jesus, thank you. Thank you…”
He whispers after being shot in the nuts.