“Queen of Blood” Full Movie



Astronauts encounter a real creepy lady on another planet who has a yen for drinking human blood.  Has young Basil Rathbone (1930s “Sherlock Holmes”), Dennis Hopper and John Saxon in it, made in 1966.  Excellent negative to watch full film online here (embedded below).

Watch Queen Of Blood (1966) in Entertainment | View More Free Videos Online at Veoh.com

VIDEO: Watch a 14-Year-Old Run Over By a Car in Schoolyard Brawl

Our Sick WorldVery disturbing cell phone video showing a lunatic driver of a car run over a child to the screams of bystanders as a street brawl ensues at school.  Where is security?  Nowhere to be seen.

Horrific Run Over Starts at Pos. 01:35

919313-drgraves2[What a fucked up world this has become with all these wild, angry people breaking the law with careless disregard for human life. The police are literally fighting a war to protect us from all the psychopaths afoot!


This Purse is Worth $1,700! Carried by Mrs. Trump!

Filthy-RichWho in their right mind would pay nearly two grand for a dumb ass purse like that?  You gotta be kidding me!

Ah, the excess and decadent life of the filthy rich!  That damn purse would get me out of debt three times over OR it would buy all sorts of FOOD BANK FOOD for the poor this winter!

$1,700 for THIS!
(Gold SKULL clasp is OK, though!)

1700 Union Jack Purse Trump
Melania Trump carried this $1,700 Italian-made clutch purse by designer Alexander McQueen to last night’s GOP Debate.


It Was a GAY Man Who Fell Into the Sea Off a Cruise Ship After Rotten Passengers Used Gay Slurs On Him, Driving Him to His Death in Despair!


Cruise Ship Taunts

New video shows the despondent gay man arguing with two cruise ship security in his cabin who confronted him over the man’s claims the cruise ship staff and passengers used gay slurs on him.  The despondent gay man shouted at them:  “I have a husband, I’m not a pedophile.”  After that, he ran out and fell to his death in the cold, black sea.  What a rotten way to go.  What a rotten cruise.  What a rotten world this is with ugly SCUM riding cruise ships thinking they can do whatever the fuck they want on their “trip” — even getting away with MURDER!

“Eric said that after the couple had dinner on Thursday, Elbaz went to the bar while he went back to their room.  While at the bar, Elbaz was reportedly taunted with anti-gay remarks according to Winkleman, being called a ‘pedophile’ and ‘lipstick’ because he is gay.  This led to some sort of altercation or fight, with Elbaz upset because this was allegedly not the first time he had been verbally attacked while on the ship.”

Threatening Online Petition Demanding CNN Fire Ana Navarro

Do YOU despise Ana Navarro on CNN and want her FIRED?

Ana Navarro

Petition threatening “civil disobedience” (HUH?) appears on Web demanding CNN commentator Ana Navarro be fired.  Trump wants her out, too, from a Tweet.


“We demand CNN immediately fire so-called “Republican strategist” Ana Navarro based on the falsification of her credentials, her lack of any particular expertise on political matters and her obvious bias toward Presidential flame-out Jeb Bush as well as her general stupidity. Should Jeff Zucker and CNN ignore this petition, the next step will be civil disobedience at various CNN bureaus and orchestrated verbal confrontation with CNN on-air talent.   The people will not be denied. Ana Navarro must go!”

Mysterious 14-Mile Structure Buried in Antarctica Found by Google


Mysterious Antarctica

Express writes: “Spotted on the Google Earth map, the white blur deep in the barren continent has provoked speculation it could be a secret research station hidden by a government or a UFO buried in the ice.  Conspiracy theorist YouTube user Wowforreel has highlighted it in a video and shows how you can find it yourself on the web app Google Earth.”


germHOLLYWOOD is “gripped with fear” after a womanizing A-list actor was diagnosed with HIV. The superstar, who The Sun is choosing not to name, has had a host of high-profile sexual partners who may have been exposed to his HIV.  His lawyers are gearing up for lawsuits once the “A-List Actor” is found out and exposed.  Sources allege the actor continued to be promiscuous, despite knowing he had HIV, and have called it a “public health hazard.”

“The star is said to be paranoid his entire career would become defined by the diagnosis and that he could open himself up to costly legal action from ex-partners accusing him of recklessly putting their health at risk.”


Hollywood Hiv Star

[OK, a little education. HIV is the virus that causes AIDS. They’re two different things. HIV turns into AIDS when your immune system breaks down allowing HIV to enter your cells and destroy your immune system, usually happens when you get sick real bad by way of a certain kind of pneumonia. AIDS is a killer, incurable disease. Once you have it you must take drugs for the rest of your life to control the replication of the virus in you trying to destroy you. NOT ALL PEOPLE RESPOND TO THE MEDS, HOWEVER! Just taking the meds is no guarantee they will work on you, depending on your blood type, etc. Thousands die every year from AIDS.–Ed.]

Shovel-Wielding French Guy in Underpants Becomes Web Star

upside-down-worldProtesters in France were met by a man wearing nothing more than a T-shirt and his underwear attacking them with a shovel.  Since the picture of the shovel attack lunatic went viral online, the French guy has become an Internet star.  Go figure.

Web Star


Des militants de la LPO et des journalistes… by libezap

Mysterious Anomaly Revealed in Great Pyramid by Thermal Scan — Maybe It’s Grain!

A thermal scan of The Great Pyramid of Giza reveals something hidden, but scientists can’t figure out what it is. “We have several hypothesis but no conclusion for the moment,” scientists carefully say. Read more about the curious discovery here. What if it’s an alien in suspended animation Egyptians deemed as a God in there? This thermal anomaly was discovered as part of the Scan Pyramids project, organized by the Paris-based Heritage Innovation Preservation Institute.


Thermal Scan Giza

Candidate Ben Carson Just Can’t Win in the Biased Media Witch Hunt Conspiracy to Defame Him

Now it’s come out he was BLACKMAILED IN A SEAMY DNA PATERNITY SUIT!  See Washington Post story.


“They said a woman in Florida was accusing me of being the father of her son, and that she had proof of our relationship. The proof turned out to be knowledge of where I went to high school, college, medical school, and where I served my internship and residency. To top all that off, she had a picture of me in scrubs. I said anyone could obtain such information. However, the paternity suit was pursued, and I had to involve my personal lawyer… As the case advanced, I was asked to provide a blood specimen to facilitate DNA testing. I refused on the basis of the incompetence of any governmental agency that was willing to pursue a paternity suit on such flimsy grounds. I said that level of incompetence would probably result in my blood specimen being found at a murder scene and me spending the rest of my life in prison.”


"Have you seen these women? DC Police need your help."
“Have you seen these women? DC Police need your help.”

“Police in Washington, D.C., are asking the public’s help to identify two women accused of sexually assaulting a man by twerking against him and fondling his genitalia.” [SOURCE: Yahoo]

WTF?  “Sexual assault?” Seriously?  Don’t the cops in Washington, D.C. (ummm, you know, the place where White House is) have more important things to do?