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Strange Creature Startles Swimmers in Spain

When a strange “carcass” measuring four meters long washed up on the Luis Siret Beach in the community of Villaricos, gawkers’ first impression was the creature belongs to “the same species as the Loch Ness Monster.” ALSO, a “gray alien” was actually captured in 1941 Missouri and kept secret… until now.

Mysterious Angel Appears at Scene of Accident — Then Vanished — Say Numerous Witnesses

UPDATE: Mystery priest comes forward. Nope, he’s not an “angel” after all.   At the scene of a horrible car accident on a blocked off road, a woman asked for someone to pray with her — and then, all of a sudden, a mysterious man dressed in priest attire stepped forward out of nowhere and [...]

Chinese Man Keeps Body of Alien in His Freezer (Instead of Chow Mein)

A man in China has given news media photos of a decaying extraterrestrial stored in his freezer he says he captured after the creature crashed near his home by a river. Amazing close-up photos show the creature’s weird skin formation.

Strange Creature Found in the Persian Gulf

Years of oil spill pollution has apparently created a mutant creature in the depths of the Persian Gulf, found by an Iranian naval vessel. Media blackout on this story due to its political nature.

Unusual Rabbit Video Attracts “Viral” Attention on Da Internet

“The World’s Scariest Rabbit” It’s Alive, IT’S ALIVE!

MONSTER LOBSTER CAUGHT! But the Fool Threw It Back Into the Sea!

A massive 20-lb. lobster was caught in a net off the coast of Gloucester, Mass. Since there is no pot big enough to cook the delicacy, the fishmonger threw it back into the sea.

MUST-SEE! Metal-Munching Evil Squirrel EATS SUV in Florida!

An evil squirrel has targeted a family’s new SUV, munching on its metal in this shocking video.  Yes, I said METAL-MUNCHING!

Definitely Alien Activity!

Disturbing video of unusual cloud activity has convinced tens of thousands of UFO activity.

The Catford Fox Toilet Horror

A mangy fox attacked a man on the toilet and his cat in the city of Catford.

Ghost Woman Captured on Camera in Graveyard

A man wandering in a graveyard felt cold air on the back of his neck and head while taking photos. One of them revealed the spirit of a woman. Spot the spirit in his photo above.