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Neanderthal Easily Amused

Dig that krazeeeeee sound byte laugh as goon finds humor in the dullest of things. I can smell reefer.

Freeway Cop Car’s Windshield Covered in Giggling Dude’s Urine

Men with the giggles hold their friend as he pees out the moving car’s window as a cop car trails behind (avoid the irritating giggling, skip to the goods at pos. 1:08). His piss flew all over the side of their car as it sped down the freeway, hitting the cop car’s windshield behind.


Thar be a lotta freaky, hysterical people running loose in the world, scared of guns, scared of the apocalypse, scared of the government, scared of criminals, scared of sexual diseases, scared of… (and on and on and on). FEAR.  Our lives are full of suspicion, mistrust, fear and loathing!

Beater Restrained, Then Beats Up Woman (VIDEO)

Gangster girl restrains her gangster boyfriend in the street for all to see, telling him he’s going to jail. Near the end of the cell phone video, he gets up and beats her up for restraining him.

Morons in Austin, Texas Answer Creepy Questions

A fat guy asks youngsters crude and vulgar questions in Austin, Texas “for the Internet,” such as “how would you kill yourself?” and “have you ever been caught masturbating?” and “what are your plans for the end of the world on December 21?” among other stupid, cringe-worthy things. Instead of pulling their guns, switchblades and [...]

Mars Rover Films Rodent on Surface of Mars!

Proof of life on Mars!  NOT PHOTOSHOPPED!  Here is the actual photo on NASA’s site SHOWING THE RODENT (click image to enlarge full size, then go far left middle to see the animal for yourself). Discoverer writes: “Here is a photo of a guinea pig photographed on Mars by the Curiosity Rover SOL 52! When [...]

Vicious Texas Cop F-Bombs, Threatens Bystanders (VIRAL VIDEO)

Thug cops rough up teen and curse at his friend who is filming them, then the foul-mouthed cop delivers death threats to the teen they have in a strangle-hold and his friend who films the proceedings.  JUMP TO POS. 1:20 when another angry cop sprints onto the scene where the f-bombs and threats by cops [...]

Black Friday Mob Phone Fight at Walmart Nov. 23!

Greedy slob mob fights over smart phones at Walmart on Thanksgiving Eve, Nov. 23.  From Worldstar Hip Hop.  See Huff Posts Black Friday Coverage page.  More mob videos to post as soon as they appear! Black Friday 2012 Disasters Supercut! Look at the maniacs go! OH MY GOD!

CREEPY GUYS, The Holiday Edition

Desperate dude in Ohio posts an ad for a holiday edition girl friend on crazy Craigslist. We’ve screen-grabbed the ad with all the creepy details contained therein for historical purposes.

Creepy Dead Aquarium Fish Sale

There’s something rather disturbing about a person who preserves dead pet aquarium fish and puts them up for sale online.  What would be the point to owning these dead things?