Coffee: 2-4 Cups a Day Keep Suicidal Thoughts Away — Yay!

Latest bullshit study: “Numerous studies on coffee consumption show the caffeinated beverage to be brimming with health benefits and health risks, but now coffee has been found to reduce risk of suicide in both men and women by half.” 

[Forget that the caffeine in coffee is known to cause high blood pressure, heart disease and Cancer — which will kill you for you.]


Holiday Reading Material

Snag the best seller Santa Claus Conquers the Homophobes available on as you start your Christmas shopping early in preparation for the holiday season a few months ahead.

“Can Wendy and her stepfather prevent the suicide of Jamie Stratton in his teen years, as he grows up gay in a homophobic household and community?”

Such a charming cover, eh?

Time to Stop Buying Pre-Packaged Salad — Or You May Get the New Disease “Cyclospora”

WE’RE NOT SAFE ANYMORE!  A new stomach illness that’s hitting 16 states in the eastern U.S. called “Cyclospora” is being said to be caused by eating infected pre-packaged salad with 80 percent of the cases had been exposed to this same type of prepackaged salad mix, according to the Center for Disease Control.  This is not the first time pre-packaged salad has been the cause of food-borne illnesses, which seems to be occurring regularly every year with e-coli and salmonella outbreaks. See this bulleting from

It’s time to stop being lazy and go back to buying lettuce and other salad ingredients separately, washing them well in a strainer (in a clean sink) before eating.  It’s clear certain manufacturers are not testing for food safety.  There really is nothing to cutting up salad.  It only takes a few minutes to do.  With a clean cutting board and a sharp knife, making a salad should take no more than 10 minutes to do.

AUDIO: Richard Nixon Said: “Homosexuality Destroyed the Greeks — Will Lead To The Destruction of US”

People Who SuckA May 13, 1971 audio recording (from The National Archives) of a White House conversation (transcript here) between crooks President Richard Nixon, John D. Ehrlichman, and H. R. Haldeman records the IMPEACHED former anti-gay president trashing homosexuals and “faggy” San Francisco. Nixon’s first reference is to a gay character on the popular TV show of the time, “All in the Family” that offended Nixon who called the show “glorifying homosexuality” and he then went on to bitch about gays in ‘Frisco and how gays caused the downfall of the Greeks and “will lead to the destruction of the U.S.” in his words. And isn’t it curious that a few years later HIV/AIDS suddenly appeared on the scene?

PRES. NIXON: You know what happened to the Romans? The last six Roman emperors were fags. Neither in a public way. You know what happened to the popes? They were layin’ the nuns; that’s been goin’ on for years, centuries. But the Catholic Church went to hell three or four centuries ago. It was homosexual, and it had to be cleaned out. That’s what’s happened to Britain. It happened earlier to France.

Let’s look at the strong societies. The Russians. Goddamn, they root ‘em out. They don’t let ‘em around at all. I don’t know what they do with them. Look at this country. You think the Russians allow dope? Homosexuality, dope, immorality, are the enemies of strong societies. That’s why the Communists and left-wingers are clinging to one another. They’re trying to destroy us. I know Moynihan will disagree with this, [Attorney General John] Mitchell will, and Garment will. But, goddamn, we have to stand up to this.

Man-Made Viruses

AIDS is ManmadeIn the best-seller, “Emerging Viruses: AIDS and Ebola: Nature, Accident, or Intentional?” Harvard researcher and author (and anti-vaccination Leonard Horowitz‘s studies gather evidence to conclude that AIDS and the Ebola viruses are biological depopulation weapons that were deliberately man-made — evolved during cancer virus experiments in which monkeys were infected with viral genes from other animals.  These viruses do not occur in nature naturally and coincidentally came about on two separate continents where vaccine experiments were taking place.

BelieveAdditionally, there are documents online that claim to confirm AIDS is a man-made pathogen by way of an alleged Government “Feasilbility Program” created by The Department of Defense from the mid-1970s that appropriates funding for the creation of a virus that deliberately destroys the immune system, which was added to smallpox and Hepatitis vaccines:

“On 29 July 1969, a few days after the Defense Department has asked Congress for $ 10 million funding for research “a synthetic biological pathogen, a substance that does not exist in nature and against which is not possible to develop a natural immunity, “the Chairman of the Republican Task Force on Earth Resources and Population (Population and Land Resources), the Honorable George HW Bush stressed the urgent need for action to control population to deal with the ‘growing crisis in the Third World.'”  Source

See the translated website: HIV Angry, which posts the alleged gov’t documents.

AIDS Conspiracy

Anti-Vaccination Nutters Go Gung Ho

Anti-Vaccination Nutters

Bugged-EyesTiresome crackpot anti-vaccination denialism paranoids have really gone overboard with this two-page ad (CLICK TO ENLARGE), literally full of lies, meant to suck the ignorant in.  See other lunacy anti-vac ads here.

Imagine your kid coming down with a cured killer disease — such as diphtheria, measles, whooping cough, polio, smallpox, yellow fever and many, many more scourges that wiped out millions 100 years ago.  The ignorant paranoids would have your baby die out of unproven fear based on lies.

Vaccinations are meant to stop the spread of fatal diseases — and has been successful since the 1880s when the practice began, wiping out many horrible killer diseases across the civilized world.

GROSS: Bug Dye Used in Yogurt

That pink color is NOT strawberry -- it's a fake DYE made from BUGS.
That pink color in berry yogurt is NOT strawberry — it’s a fake DYE made from BUGS called CARMINE.

Did you know that Dannon has been using a red dye in its yogurt products called CARMINE that is the pulverized bodies of insects?  See the press release, “Berries Over Bugs!”

scam“The average yogurt eater sees the redness and thinks strawberries. There’s a picture of a strawberry on the label, not an insect.” This is a TRICK, a LIE.

To give some of its fruit-flavored yogurt a pink color, instead of using actual berries, the Dannon company uses the bug dye carmine instead.  Carmine is a bright red dye derived from the aluminum salt of carminic acid, which naturally occurs in the scales of cochineal insects.  To get carmine dye, the insects are dried and then boiled.

“I have nothing against people who eat insects, but when I buy strawberry yogurt I’m expecting yogurt and strawberries, and not red dye made from bugs,” CSPI executive director Michael F. Jacobson said.  Continue Reading….

The strawberry, cherry, boysenberry and raspberry varieties of Dannon’s “Fruit on the Bottom” line all contain carmine, as well as the strawberry flavor of Dannon’s Oikos brand of Greek yogurt.  Several flavors of Dannon’s Light and Fit Greed product and six of its Activa yogurts also use the extract.

First Art from the New Star Wars TV Series, Rebels

rebels-logo-smallStar Wars Rebels TV series is a CGI animated follow-up of George Lucas’ Clone Wars. Rebels takes place between Star Wars Episodes III and IV. The new series will premiere Fall 2014 on the Disney Channel.

Woman Flips Out Over Being Filmed for YouTube Fame

Car-Accident-Flip-OutWoman describes minor car accident to cop, then goes batshit crazy [starting at pos. 2:25] over being filmed by guy she hit who tells her the video will go on YouTube. Woman goes ballistic saying she does not “live on the Internet” and demands cop make the man stop filming her for YouTube. Cop has to threaten her several times with arrest when she screams about the camera. In case YouTube takes it down, you can watch the shenanigans on LiveLeak.

“This is going to look awesome on YouTube.”

Anderson Cooper’s Crazy Gay, Jewish White Supremacist Stalker!

Anderson Cooper's creepy gay stalker (left) is a mental patient.
Meet Anderson Cooper’s creepy gay stalker (left), a mental patient who has recently been locked up in jail for threatening Cooper.

40-year-old Alex Hausner has allegedly stalked Cooper for 5 years … but things escalated last month when he showed up at the CNN star’s home where a security camera filmed him trying to kick down the front door of Cooper’s $4.3 million converted firehouse, screaming: “I swear to fucking God, don’t insult me.  I’m going to fuck you up.” Hausner is being held in lieu of $75,000 bail on felony first-degree menacing, and misdemeanor harassment and stalking.

God Wants Me to Fuck You 1 God Wants Me to Fuck You 2

Above is from “True Blood” Season 6, Episode 5 — Jason and Sarah. See their fuck scene here. More clips here.