Kick This ASSHOLE Off the Air and Deport Him NOW!

ScumbagEver hear of Stan Soloman? He’s a loudmouth racist, extremist, right-wing pro-gun homophobe anti-government crackpot (have I left anything out?) who hosts a vulgar, foul-mouthed scream-fest radio show where he’s been screaming he’s glad Trayvon Martin is dead and “deserved to die.” He also hates gays, whom he calls “pieces of crap faggots” — especially Dan Savage — whom he wishes would die “from every disease known to man.”  Read: “Stan Solomon: Trayvon Martin Deserved To Die And So Does ‘That Faggot’ Dan Savage.”


“The left, which is godless and serves Satan, has an agenda. To accomplish their agenda they have to get idiots, morons, numbnuts to do stupid things so the focus will be on them and not on the libs, not on the leftists. Jews, homosexuals, blacks, gays, Islamists, you may think they’re disparate groups, they’re not, they’re all tools. Because while we’re mad at these two punks, we’re mad at Trayvon Martin, that thug that deserves to be dead and I’m glad he’s dead.”

“Pieces of crap, homosexuals like what’s that one guy’s name? [Dan] Savage. That faggot. That horrible, awful, terrible excuse for a human being who is at the White House promoting attacks on Christians. I hope he dies — he probably will — of every disease known. By the way, I’m sending him a fire hydrant for his birthday, I’m hoping he’ll sit on it; he’ll slide all the way down to the ground. Sorry fire hydrant fans, I don’t mean to insult fire hydrants.”

SHOCKING INVENTION: How to Pluck a Chicken in 14 Seconds!

Since our food is being deliberately polluted with chemicals that are sickening us to death, such as growth hormones, antibiotics and preservatives by evil factory farm meat producers, many are growing chickens at home to ensure their fowl is not foul.  But plucking chickens has always been time-consuming… UNTIL NOW… thanks to our lazy age of instant gratification!

Mysterious Monument Appears in Front of Restaurant (VIDEO)

A mysterious concrete monument measuring 3-feet high and weighing several hundred pounds (three men can’t budge), suddenly appeared in front of a restaurant with an even stranger inscription: “In the Year of Our Lord 2012 Creer Pipi claimed this land for Azathoth.” 

Who put it there and how did they do it? No one seems to know.

Mysterious Monument

UFO in Seattle?

UFO nuts got all in a tizzy over this photo, spreading it around the Internet, adding it to their databases, speculating about it on their numerous blogs — until they learned it’s the top of Seattle’s Space Needle building. Ahahahahahaha!  What suckers.

VIDEOS: Bill Murray as Liberace on David Letterman

Bill Murray appeared on The Late Show With David Letterman, to celebrate Letterman’s 20 years on TV, making his grand entrance dressed as flamboyant gay Liberace, complete with white Rolls Royce, boy whore trick, and a tiny dog.



Here’s a photo of the real Liberace and Scott Thorson, his gay lover (who recently got out of jail in Reno, Nevada on a robbery charge).


Plane Lands Upside-Down on Beach!

Palos Verdes Plane Crash

A small plane crashed onto a beach in Rancho Palos Verdes in Southern California today, near Donald Trump’s Golf Course. The pilot miraculously survived; stunned onlookers. [KTLA Source]

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Jerk Church at Burning Man

He’s going in there to JERK!  I told you sexual debauchery goes on at Burning Man!  Let’s go!  Let’s go SEE all those JERKS inside! 

Jerk Church Burning Man
See more recent Burning Man photosets on the Reno Gazette.

OMG! Cocks! Cocks! Cocks!

How Would YOU Like to be Dropped 90-mph. from 415-ft. in the Air?

Drop RideSix Flags Great Adventure Park in Jackson, New Jersey says their new thrill ride called “Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom” will hoist riders 415 feet (41-stories) in the air and drop them back to the ground at 90 mph. Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom is scheduled to open in 2014 and will be the world’s tallest drop ride.  Check out the Virtual Tour of Zumanjao here.

Computer Animation of the Drop Ride

Bring Back Shock Therapy for Internet Filth Mongers

Our Sick World

Evil devil worshipers
Evil devil worshipers

CRINGE-WORTHY — A sick-minded filthy pig is shocked out of his addiction fetish by the men in white coats for posting on Tumblr disgusting pictures (NSFW) of foul-smelling male smegma — a most vile and offensive thing as REPULSIVE as glorifying female yeast infections.  While they’re at it they should nab Smegma Licker (NSFW), too. Why would a soldier post a photo of his smegma-laden stinky cock online? Report him to his commanding officer! Filthy Punks are notorious for being unwashed.


shock treatment