Crazy Old Lady Throws Pot of Boiling Water on Pregnant Woman! (VIDEO)

An angry 63-year-old old woman flings boiling water at a heavily pregnant teenager in a fight over a garden fence.  The woman was taken to the hospital to treat the burns she suffered on her back and arm.  The old lady told the news she was protecting her property.


as she is BURNED with BOILING WATER!

EUUU! Man Finds Live Caterpillar in Cheeseburger (VIDEO)


VOMIT WORTHY“A wriggling caterpillar crawled out from the lettuce nestled in between the beef and bread of a man’s cheeseburger” describes The Mirror. The man said, “I just couldn’t believe it, it was like something from a nightmare.”

To this the restaurant responds with the usual legal mumbo-jumbo: “All our lettuce leaves are washed and sanitised individually. We invest considerable time and resource in maintaining the highest possible food hygiene standards and have an excellent track record.”  If so, then how come the poor Gob got a live, squirming caterpillar in his burger?  See Daily Mail for more.

A Most Evil Tattoo on a Fool’s Body

Holy BibleSatanist tattoos the Satanic pentagram with the ram’s head symbol of Satan right on his fucken chest, inviting eternal damnation in Hell.

The Holy Bible says NOT to tattoo the mark of Satan or death skulls on one’s body for that is a mortal sin as well as piercings (source). Tattooing has witchcraft “roots” and is considered an unholy thing. Many tattoos have evil and witchcraft themes that are portrayed as devil faces, skulls, ugly demonic signs, vulgar pictures, etc. “These evil markings hurt the human spirit, just as Satanic displays of any kind do.” (Source)

This very foolish young lad will burn in Hell for this mark of Satan on his flesh!


The Almighty


“Walking Dead” TV Show’s Gay Kiss Invites Hate Tweets

In case you haven’t seen it, “The Walking Dead” is a popular high-rated TV show airing Sunday nights on AMC about survivors in a world of zombies caused by some sort of cataclysmic event that makes the dead come back to life — turned into cannibalistic psychopaths hungry to munch on the meat and brains of the living.  Simply, it’s a spin-off of the 1968 cult classic zombie film, “Night of the Living Dead.”

HateBut when the show introduced a passionate homosexual kiss in the episode “The Distance” between two zombie fighting men recently (new characters Aaron and Eric), irate homophobes took to Tweeting nasties on Twitter, revolted by the act of men kissing each other in their beloved sci-fi drama (read the episode’s recap here).

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Russian Actress Dyes Cat Pink for Party, But The Animal Survived Despite Tabloid Stories it Died (UPDATE)

Some Russian actress, obsessed with the color pink, decided to hold a pink-themed party, that included her dyed white cat.  At first it was reported by Metro and Daily Mail the animal had been poisoned to death as it tried to lick its dyed fur, but an update to the story claims the animal DID NOT DIE from blood poisoning after all.

Poisoned Cat