Female Veteran Arrested for Picking Up Flag Radicals Were Walking On (VIDEO)

ScumbagWhen an Air Force veteran picked up our flag off the ground that radical protesters pictured below were walking on, the cops suddenly showed up, grabbed the veteran, tackled her to the ground and arrested her, then gave the flag back to the protesters who had been walking on it!  WTF?

Walking On Flag


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Artist Creeps Up Celebrity Photos with “Chola Brows”

Mexican Cat DanceAn “artist” in Los Angeles turns celebrity photos into “Cholas” (a specific Mexican-American subculture style embraced by Latinas in urban, ghetto areas) in an artistic expression he calls “Cholafied” wherein the Latina alters her eyebrows into “chola brows”.  See more photos of Latina Chola Brows here.  See the website, Chuntaritos.com.


Neo-Nazi Murderer Caught in Florida; Made OBSCENE Outburst in Court

HUMAN WASTEMurderer of Gay

Gay Nazi Masters and Slaves Tumblr2

Neo-Nazis on Tumblr

Our Sick WorldKenneth Morgan Stancil III, 20, shot his gay college teacher dead with a 12-gauge shotgun because the teacher allegedly “made inappropriate sexual advances toward him and to his younger brother,” which police are investigating as a hate crime.

WP88 on Tumblr: "Nazis, Fascists, war-lovers, fag-bashers, violence, rape"

WP88 on Tumblr: “Nazis, fascists, war-lovers, fag-bashers, violence, rape…”

Stancil told a reporter he’s a neo-Nazi committed to the preservation of the white race and hates gay people “with a passion.”

He has boastfully admitted to reporters he killed his college teacher for flirting with his 16-year-old brother on Facebook, shouting out in court he considered the murdered teacher to be a child molester and that he “did the world a favor” by killing him.

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Gay Activist Writes Book Saying Presidents Washington, Lincoln and Nixon Were Gay


Gay activist Larry Kramer’s new book, “The American People” (review by The New York Times) is a fictionalization of history that says several presidents, including George Washington, were gay, along with a bunch of other famous, historic people such as Alexander Hamilton and Herman Melville to name a few (see not-so-nice comments by people on Amazon who bought the book).

“Kramer claims, for example, that Washington was gay in part because he designed soldiers’ uniforms, the New York Times reports, and John Wilkes Booth killed Abraham Lincoln because the president spurned him” (i.e., rejected his homosexual advances).

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Teen Destroys Mom’s Car After She Takes His Cell Phone Away

When a mother took away her 13-year-old son’s cellphone after he refused to clean his bedroom, he spat on her and struck his stepfather on the back with a large bottle of Gatorade. The 13-year-old then went outside and jumped on his mother’s Honda Accord and stomped the roof in and smashed out the front windshield.


Teen bashed in car’s windshield in revenge (click to enlarge).