Chinese Woman Shares Her Matrimonial Bed with a Pig!

NO PLEASE NOWe can’t make this stuff up, oh doubtful reader! Yes, it’s true! A woman in China by the name of “Zhu Chou” claims sharing her bed with a big, fat 187-pound pet pig named “Five Flowers” prepares her for married life with her husband, who is “tolerant” of the PIG SLEEPING IN THEIR MATRIMONIAL BED!

Since the pig sleeps with the couple, does the pig watch them have sex? Picture THAT in your mind!

Marriage Pig

250 Million-Year-Old Microchip Found by Researchers!

The object that researchers have found is believed to be some sort of ancient microchip and according to researchers, this ancient microchip dates back millions of years. After countless tests, researchers have come to the conclusion that this antique piece was used as some sort of microchip in ancient times!


“The million dollar question is, who and what used a microchip that dates back 250 million years? Is there a possibility that this is in fact the remains of ancient technology? Technology that belonged to a highly advanced civilization that inhabited Earth millions of years ago? Or is there a possibility that this artifact did not originate from Earth, but on another planet, belonging to an extraterrestrial race.” SEE MORE PHOTOS

Creepy Male TSA Screeners Messed Around with Computer to Enjoy Groping the Dicks of Male Passengers!

TSA Pat Down

Penis-Freaks2The Smoking Gun writes“Two Transportation Security Administration screeners have been fired for conspiring to allow the fondling of attractive male travelers passing through a security checkpoint at Denver’s airport, investigators report…”

Keep Readingstrangebuttrue this true and disgusting story of a CONSPIRACY to fondle cute guys’ penises — especially guys with BIG BULGES!  Female TSA employees actually HELPED the male TSA employees grope the men by fucking around with their stupid computer! See this CNN article on the firing of the TSA penis gropers!



TSA Gropers

Male Passenger’s Penis Being Brazenly Groped in Broad Daylight by TSA!

BREAKING NEWS: Demand for Exorcists at an All-Time High! PORN to Blame!

Exorcisms on the Rise Warns Catholic Church!

satan_lord_of_evil_thumbSatan is in the world and he works through PORN!

Held down his 80-year-old girlfriend and tried to perform an exorcism on her!

Held down his 80-year-old girlfriend and tried to perform an exorcism on her!

People are using drugs while watching porn — especially doped high on crack rock — to get their genitals all horny as they watch other people perform filthy and disgusting sex acts that The Devil uses to possess people!

But little do common people know that THE DEVIL and his DEMONS are the ones behind it all, compelling the sex-crazed druggies to fixate on the penis and act out oral and anal SODOMY — acts FORBIDDEN by verses found in the Holy Bible!


Crack in Crack Pipe!

The need for exorcists is at an all-time high!

Churches can’t keep up with the high demand to exorcise the evil out of druggy porn addicts committing the most foul of sin in their smoky bedrooms, enjoying the smoke of cocaine and marijuana!

This out-of-control BOOM for the need of exorcists is called “The Pope Francis Effect.”


Porn and Drugs

Straight man engages in anal SODOMY on his buddy while inhaling dope from a bong! And his friend enjoys watching! HOW DARE they copy gay sex when they aren’t truly gay!  GAY COMMUNITY OUTRAGED!

Watching Porn During Sex

Nice straight couple are FIXATED ON PORN during their sex act! Because SATAN is in the PORN they are watching, possessing them to do FORBIDDEN FORNICATION! They MUST NOT enjoy what they are doing, for it is FORBIDDEN!

Man Roasts Himself on Barbecue-Like Contraption to Kill Cancerous Cells

Cancer Roast

“25-year-old Jia Binhui, from Yunlong County, southwest China’s Yunnan Province, was diagnosed with blood cancer two years ago. Sadly, he is unable to afford medical treatment, but that hasn’t stopped the resilient young man from trying to get better. In a desperate attempt to rid himself of the cancerous cells plaguing his body, he’s devised an alternate treatment that involves roasting himself in his backyard!”  [Source: Mulder’s World]