Revolutionary Invention for Washing Dogs: The Woof Washer 360!

Woof Washer 360


AS SEEN ON TV! — All bow to pay tribute to the amazing Woof Washer 360 — a MUST HAVE for dog owners. Only $24.99!

Catholic League President Threatens Gays for Spitting on a Catholic Priest During the Gay Parade in New York

Bill Doohue, Catholic League President

Bill Doohue, Catholic League President

Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, erupted in fury on Monday at reports that Father Jonathan Morris, a Catholic priest and noted Fox News religion analyst, was spat on at the Gay Pride Parade in New York City.  Father Morris tweeted that he was in downtown Manhattan when “I ran into gay marriage parade. Two men walked by and spat on me. Oh well … I deserve worse.”  [Source]

“If some gay guy — or a straight guy — starts spitting in my face, I’ll floor them. That’s the right answer,” Donohue told “The Steve Malzberg Show.” (VIDEO LINK)

Cops Hunting Hot Guy

“Just after 9:00 a.m. Monday morning, the Sheriff’s Office says Boehling was stopped for speeding on 7th Avenue in Sun Valley by a patrol unit with a woman and two children in his car. After speaking with the deputy Boehling is said to have sped off, driving recklessly at high speeds into the Highland Ranch area. For safety reasons, deputies decided not to follow him. ” KEEP READING

Hot Criminal Ran from Coppers Reno

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Sexy NYPD Cop Does the Butt Grind with Gay Pride Marcher

NYPD dances with LGBT Big Apple Softball League‘s Marcher during the Pride Parade in NYC on Sunday, June 28. Sexy cop even got a kissy-poo on the cheek for his erection-inspiring nasty grind!

On the subject of cops, you might enjoy the tweets of A Former Baltimore Cop Just Tweeted All the Horrible Shit He Saw on the Job.

It’s Like Living in HELL


Summertime Sun-TanningThe trackless wastelands of Nevada shrivel under the brunt of our flaring star. A hot, sweltering apartment at the peak of the day’s heat, the stench of rotting trash in the kitchen that needs to be taken out, the desert dust blowing in through the window, the panes of glass barely see-through with collected dirt on them, lethargic pets hiding in dark places refusing to socialize with humans, the crappy old air conditioner unit that only cools three feet of one room, the vile body odor coming from a man’s sweaty underarms when his cheap Speed Stick roll-on fails… but hey, it’s Summer! Yay! Vacation time! The Fourth of July! Swimming! Recreation! Time to get a SUN TAN!

Sunburn Addict

Vacation time! Time to spend $4,000.00 on a trip!

Delightful Retreat

What do you do when your ceiling fan goes out? Here’s a clever replacement!

Redneck Ceiling Fan

You’re so cheap you refuse to buy a sprinkler to water your dying lawn. What to do? Hook your hose up to a 2-litre coke bottle with holes poked in it!

Makeshift Lawn Sprinkler

Makeshift Lawn Sprinkler2

The EXTREME HEAT has an effect on people’s brains. They malfunction. They do wild and crazy things.

“I love the smell of carbon monoxide!”

Smoke Sniff Fetish

You Ate My Enchilada

Crazed Pastor Calls for Stonings After Marriage Ruling

Pastor Steven Anderson, of Faithful Word Baptist Church, called for stoning to death ministers who performed same-sex marriage ceremonies and repeated his call for the execution of all LGBT people.

“I hate them with a perfect hatred,” Anderson shouted. “I count them mine enemies.”