Hillary Clinton NUT Tattoos Her Face on His Testicles

“I tattooed her face on my testicles because I want my future progeny to have a little of Hillary in him or her,” James Brandt of Boston admits, visibly emotional.  [Link]

Clinton Tattoo Testicles
Brandt getting his Hillary testicle tattoo.

High School Crowns Boy Prom Queen

Staten Island LaGuardia HS senior Matthew Crisson was named prom queen — causing a jealous backlash online from catty female classmates on Facebook.

World’s First Boy Prom Queen

Boy Prom Queen
“He looks better than the female contestants!” Thought the Prom judges.

This Artwork is the Most Accurate Portrayal of Modern Life

The rat race. (Click to Enlarge)

London-based illustrator and animator Steve Cutts criticizes the sad state of society with his unusual artwork. (His Facebook) See more of his illustrations here.

Steve Cutts’ cell-phone addicted slaves.


Man Grows Breasts After Going Vegan

Old man allegedly suffered side effects of drinking soy milk: female breasts. And now he wants the soy product company to give him a payday.

“It’s a disgrace that this has happened to my body and I want compensation. They should start putting warning signs on their packaging.”


VIDEO: Wild Squirrel Helps Pull Little Girl’s Tooth

WTFFather affixed dental floss to his little girl’s rotten tooth, then tied the floss to a piece of granola he fed to a wild squirrel, which yanked the child’s tooth out as the camera rolled, of course.

“I’ll help you, little one,” said the wild squirrel to the little girl in squirrel language.  Let it be written, let it be done.

“Go Cook My F**cking Burrito Bitch” Shouts Trump Supporter at Hispanic Protesters, Then Tells News He’s NOT RACIST

A Donald Trump supporter who was caught on camera yelling racist remarks at Hispanic protesters in Phoenix has been identified as 30-year-old Zachary Fisher AND insists he’s NOT racist, despite telling Hispanics to go make his tortillas.  It was learned he is a white supremacist.

Get the f–k out of here! Our country motherf–ker, made in f–king USA. Trump! I love Trump,” shouted Zack Fisher.

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