Student Bites Head Off Live Hamster and Spits It Into Crowd

SickA disturbing video has emerged showing the shocking moment a student bites the head off a live hamster during a Spring Break party. The police and PETA are after him.  When caught, the frat will likely be expelled from college and his life and reputation irrevocably ruined.

[In case YouTube removes the video, search for mirrors using this keyword syntax “GRAPHIC CONTENT: Spring breaker bites head off live hamster”]

Easter is Coming

“God is With Us”

Tornado Cross

Tweet photo of hanging ‘cross’ after Oklahoma tornado goes viral.

Whacko Easter Jesus on Cross yard display.  Creepy thing is, aside from the lavender bench, it looks like that’s a real guy hanging on the cross (click to enlarge).

Easter Jesus Display

A bit much in the mid-west.

Woman Has Filthy-Mouthed Hissy Fit at Taco Bell Drive-Thru

SATANListen to the foul-mouthed manic histrionics from the mouth of an entitled, angry woman when her Taco Bell order wasn’t ready at her leisure in the drive-thru.  This rare video capture serves as a definite example of demonic possession.  Those possessed by Satan use foul expletives in every syllable they speak as they threaten violence to incite FEAR into God’s innocent ones.


VIRAL: Cat on Leash on Hood of Moving Car Incites Police Manhunt; Web Vows to Find Driver

Leashed Cat on Car Hood

Look at the fucker inside laughing about it. The cat could have been seriously hurt or killed.  See more photos of the incident here.

A woman posted photos on her Facebook of a cat perched on the hood of a moving SUV, sending Ohio police in search of the catmobile’s driver.  The image has since gone viral on the Web.  Denizens of the Web share the images to help locate the perps and bring them to justice! [Another story on NY Daily News.]

Make Your Meatloaf Look Like Someone Puked On It for Dinner Tonight


“Golden Meat Loaf” is one of those vile recipes from the retro past wherein you incorporate applesauce with meatloaf to make it look “golden.”  How anyone got the idea that applesauce dumped over meatloaf would be a culinary delight at mealtime is beyond comprehension, but there it is. Go for it! Follow this step-by-step recipe! Serve it to your family piping hot on a big platter, sliced with that applesauce dumped all over it.  And be sure to have the video camera going to preserve their reaction!

Pass the Golden Meat Loaf

SICK WEB: “Real” Alpha Male Demands Money from “Cash Fags” Online (VIDEO)

SickThere Cash Alpha Sitesis a weird sexual fetish phenomenon online with alleged straight males who say they are not a “faggot” calling themselves “Alpha Males” who ask for money from gays in what’s called “cash fags” where the “Alpha Male” states he enjoys “draining cash fags dry for fun.” [Also see Get Drained.]

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