Young Utah Family Poisoned Themselves with Heroin — In Fear of the Apocalypse

Our Sick WorldAfter months of investigation, experts have concluded the parents had committed suicide by taking toxic levels of drugs and had given fatal levels of drugs — including the heroin substitute methadone — to their younger children, ages eleven, twelve and fourteen. The bodies of the children were found lying next to each other with cups of red liquid beside them.

[Note: Doctors prescribe methadone to heroin addicts who are trying to kick the drug, same for meth and cocaine addicts.]

Concerned about “evil in world” and wanted to escape the “impending doom”
What to do?  Poison the kids!

Heroin Poisoning

Crazy parents offed themselves and their three kids, but the Holy Scriptures say that anyone who commits suicide — no matter for what reason — will GO TO HELL.  It’s a mortal sin to kill one’s self.  Ref: “The Bible and Suicide” AND The Catholic Church’s “The Sin of Suicide”

Police Beat & Taser Naked Psychotic Man in Car Dealership (VIDEO)

A mentally-disturbed, unarmed man who tried to steal a car from a car dealership is repeatedly beaten and tasered by police. One minute in, the crazy man announces: “I’ll take my pants off” and gets totally naked on the floor in front of everyone standing around gawking at his genitalia. The vicious, taser-happy cops continue to shock the man as he lay on the dealership’s buffed floor in naked, humiliating shame. [Highly probable bad drug trip, as everyone seems to be on some sort of drug these days.--Ed.]

FLORIDA Zombie Cat Comes Back from the Grave After Being Buried

“This doesn’t happen. Cats don’t come back to life, not five days after they’ve been put in the ground.”

See the Humane Society's Update Page on Bart, The Miracle Cat Who Cheated Death & Came Back from the Grave

See the Humane Society’s Update Page on Bart, The Miracle Cat Who Cheated Death & Came Back from the Grave

Florida Zombie Cat: Feline Pronounced Dead Found Alive Five Days After Being Buried! Several days ago, the black and white feline was hit by a car and pronounced dead shortly after. But he didn’t stay deceased for long, reports Fox13. Five days after burying Bart, the cat’s owner found him pawing around a neighbor’s yard. Apparently, the cat – determined to continue to live – had dug his way out of his grave and tried to make it back home.

FOX 13 News

Maury Show Blind Date

Maury Povich My Hero

My hero Maury Povich set me up on a blind date.

Cross Symbol

Maury’s producer wished me luck on the blind date setup.


Big Boner Coming For You

Omg, I was so surprised! He was just what I dreamed of!


Tea Room

We had The Tea Room all to ourselves.


Almost Done

He kindly flattened out my hemorrhoids.


Dick Puncher

He wanted Chinese, I wanted Pizza.  Problem solved.


Guy Who Forecasted the “Epic Historic Blizzard” Apologizes for Blunder

ApeshitWhen the over-hyped forecast for the “historic blizzard of the century” was found to be inaccurate, the CHIEF Federal meteorologist at the National Weather Service who made the forecast — that sent millions into a big fear frenzy for nothing — has apologized for his blunder on his Twitter account.  Millions are pounding their fists on their tables cursing Gary Szatkowski for putting them through unnecessary Hell — standing in long lines at the supermarket wasting their money on supplies they didn’t need and for being stranded at airports when airlines canceled all flights, among other grievances.  In addition, those stranded at airports have reported certain motels and hotels were over-charging up to $1,000.00 a night for a room cashing in on the phony storm forecast.  But don’t put all the blame on Szatkowski — sensationalizing, fear-mongering media sources are to blame as well for misleading you.  For it seems that whenever there’s a winter storm they report it as “the storm of the century” to get people to watch for ratings grubbing.


Nevada Landscape Photography

Fantastic clarity.  Excellent Nevada photographer!  Click to enlarge this photo for detail! Go to the Nevada Landscape Photographers Facebook for more stunning photos.