I’m REALLY Worried For Our Country’s Future

Crackhead-WisdomSUPER CRINGE-WORTHY:  Old bum crackhead in Sacramento, CA with rotten teef talks sex and explains, among other vulgar things, how to use wipes during sex. He then displays an awesome KNIFE ATTACK SCAR where his crazy girlfriend STABBED HIS HEART trying to murder him. Charming!  Euuuu….

“Don’t put this shit on the Internet, my father will see it and my wife for 22 years. They WILL kill you.”

Of course it WAS put on the Internet and the cameraman is likely a corpse.

Pat Robertson Revelation: “Gays Will Die Out Because They Don’t Reproduce”

Sperm MUST go into the pussy for procreation!

“Sperm MUST go into the pussy for procreation!”

“You know, those who are homosexual will die out because they don’t reproduce,” the TV preacher opined. “You know, you have to have heterosexual sex to reproduce.”

Big-MouthsSomeone should super-glue this cray-cray old man’s lips shut for trying to promote the twisted idea of the heterosexual procreation sex act!  YUCK!

Anti-Pro-Creation Babes

Yeah Pat, we evil queers EAT BABIES with our mouths when we give head to each other — and to latent, closeted str8 dudes who secretly enjoy USING US when they can’t get pussy to procreate with… many of whom are married to women… who demand we evil gays swallow their sperm and clean up their cocks with our tongues afterward because oral sex gets really messy getting the cock all wet with spit and the remnants of murdered procreation sperm pouring out of our evil mouths!  And we gays also kill sperm babies with our open asses when we are buggered and inseminated in the anus by men’s dicks.  IT’S ALL TRUE, I SWEAR!

Ass Eaten Pleasure

“But Mr. Robertson, it FEELS SO GOOD the gay way!  My girlfriend will understand my need! Why must I go to Hell for submitting to NON-procreative sex acts? WHY?  Why must I feel guilty for wasting sperm?”

Pat believes every man’s sperm is Biblically meant to be seeding the fertile wombs of women to perpetuate the race by procreation — NOT to be implanted down the throats or anuses of other men!  OMG, what a distorted, mixed-up concept, eh?  LOL :-)

Pat Says This Is NOT TRUE!

Ass is Cunt

“NO, SON! That is not a vagina!
Stop that!  You’re mixed up!”

That's an ASS, not a Vagina!

“LOOK AT THAT CRACK, son,” Pat shouts at one of his PAYING FOLLOWERS who gave the church all his money, his car and his home in tribute. “That’s NOT a vagina. That’s an ASSHOLE! You cannot procreate there!  Sperm dies in that foul place that is for defecation, not procreation!”

Because It’s What We Do, Pat! What we like & want!

Happy Family

Classic Christmas Song, “White Christmas” Is Racist, Say Nutjobs

Our Sick WorldA joyous old song about winter snow is being distorted by the sick minds of race baiters, who enjoy instigating race card furor.  They are trying to say the term “white Christmas” in the song is racist, referring to white people.  The song’s famous lyric, “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas” means having Christmas with white people and that Christmas is for and about white people.

Get a load of “Liberal Chick.” This fucktard wants the Christmas song “White Christmas” BANNED. Hey hippie chick, it’s not the 1960s any more!

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IDEA: How About Filling Your Adult Diaper with Anal Douche Water… for a Cheap Thrill?

“Hello, my name is Kevin and this is the blog that my adorable partner and I share pictures of the way we live out our idea of what it means to be an ABDL.” (Adult Baby Diaper Lover)

Things GET REALLY WEIRD with a douche bag and the adult diaper

“Omg fun! I filled myself up with 20 cups of warm water and then released it all into three super thirsty diapers and the result is super squishy and fun!! I love it :-)



Diaper guy celebrates the Christmas tree.

Diaper Christmas

UPS Caught Throwing Your Holiday Packages (VIDEO)

A woman’s daughter filmed a UPS driver throwing and mishandling packages.  The woman says she’s had problems with damaged packages (read her full details on the YouTube link below the video), so she decided to secretly film the deliveries to catch UPS in the act. Story found on the fun Don’t Throw My Package website that outs mishandling of shipped goods.

EUUU! Stores Caught Re-Selling USED UNDERWEAR!

The CrabsGross out story of the week from The Today Show’s undercover retail spy.  Hidden cameras reveal used underwear returns placed right back on the rack at several stores, including Walmart, Marshalls and Macys.

Dumb ass store clerks even put new tags on the nasty worn underwear right in front of the spy people recording them and then put the used underwear back on the racks — all caught on camera.


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