The Flaming Cactus Challenge

Mitch (“The Idiot”) soaks a cute cactus plant with lots of thorns on it in “Grandpa’s moonshine,” lights it on fire — then he eats it, in what he calls is “The Flaming Cactus Challenge.”

Preacher Kicks “Gay Demon” Out of Pregnant Woman (VIDEO)

Pregnant woman's unborn child is kicked by preacher to prevent it from being born gay.
Pregnant woman’s unborn child is kicked by preacher to prevent it from being born gay.

Our Sick WorldA Nigerian woman who believes her baby will be born gay, went to a nutball preacher who literally kicked the gay out of her pregnant belly.

VIDEO: Two Bums Caught Having Butt Sex In Middle Of The Street

CENSORED screencap from video of bums doing the booty in the street. Watch Video Below.
CENSORED screencap from cell phone video of bums doing the booty in the street. Watch Video Below.

Man captures shameless, fearless bums having booty sex in the street with his cell phone.

IT’S CAT FANCY DAY: Japanese Cat Begs Like A Dog (VIDEO)

japanese-begging-cat1WowJapanese cat stands on its hind legs like a dog demanding to be fed. The “adorable cat” has its own Twitter photo op site even.  Cute little creature I must say.

Jennifer Aniston: “Can You See My Pussy?”

Fascinating-Mr-SpockFunny classic scene from the movie “Horrible Bosses” where nympho boss Aniston attempts to seduce timid dental assistant co-worker (Jason Bateman) in her office. When he protests her sexual harassment she calls him a “faggot” and demands he fuck her before his upcoming wedding while grabbing his scrotum painfully.

Driver Nabbed with Avocado Dope Pipe!

The oh-so-terrible pot smoking offender, ridiculously criminalized and enslaved in the court system over smoking weed out of an avocado…

When cops stopped Ben Hensley in Branson, Missouri, they smelled pot smoke and found an avocado made into a pot-smoking pipe.   Clever, but the smoke gave it way.  Stupidly the cops didn’t post a photo of the avocado pipe online to give others the idea of making one!  The audacity!  BUT see “How to Make an Avocado Pot Pipe” here with VIDEO instructional below by a guy in a ‘fro disguise in Hawaii.


X-RAY: “Pissed Woman” Shoves 12 Screws Into Boyfriend’s Dick

SickIn revenge for him getting too drunk, a vicious woman shoved a bunch of screws into her boyfriend’s penis.  WTF, bitch?  Is this how you treat someone you declare love for?   Lock her up and throw away the key, dude!  When they go for your pecker they’re whacko!


Artist turns dead cat into handbag

SickAn “artist” found a dead cat, took its body home and made a handbag out of the corpse — selling for over $1,000.  See more photos of the “handbag” on BuzzFeed.

Actual photo of the dead cat made into an expensive handbag:


Live in Pineapple by the Sea for $3,800 Per Night

“The incredible experience naturally comes at a price – starting at $3,800 per night for up to four adults and two kids, or two adults and six children.”

“People must have money to burn nowadays.”


Two-Headed Calf Born on Kentucky Farm Where We Get Food From

A mutant calf with two heads is born on a Kentucky farm. Something’s going terribly wrong in our nation’s breadbasket.

“Brandy Abell McCubbin said the unusual animal has been eating with both mouths.”


Security Cameras See Ghost of Little Girl on Road in Mexico!

Screencap from surveillance video footage clearly shows an apparition in the road. GHOSTS ARE REAL!

Mexico LaugsInteresting surveillance video showing a transparent human child standing in the middle of a road as a car passes through her in Mexico City. Thanks to Coast-to-Coast for the story (lots more odd news on this site).

HISTORIC NEWS! NASA Scientists Confirm Earth Has Two Moons

“A small asteroid has been discovered in an orbit around the sun that keeps it as a constant companion of Earth, and it will remain so for centuries to come,” reports NASA JPL.

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