Exorcism of the Day: Ancient Greek God King

Excellent Day for an Exorcism

“This exorcism has it all – sex, drugs, and demons, and astral-projection, soul-control! Shyan wanted deliverance so badly that he moved to one of Bob’s seminar cities so he could meet Bob in person. Demons entered through sex and drugs. Shyan’s drug dealer, Danny, used witchcraft to get inside Shyan’s soul and control him. Danny had been incested and gave his demon, Jezebel, to Shyan. Watch for the main demon from an ancient Greek god-king.” [Thanks to Joe.My.God]

VIRAL VIDEO: Fight at Reno Arch Sign


Lena Conway, 28, was charged with obstructing and resisting an officer and possession of a dangerous weapon, police said, after she was tasered and landed flat on her ass.


Video has surfaced on YouTube entitled, “Big girl gets tased by cop!!! BAD!” Joshua+Aguilarshowing a fight near the Reno Arch on Saturday night in downtown Reno, Nevada.  When two police officers arrived, they found between eight and 10 people fighting.  When a cop used a baton on the person in red, an angry heavyset woman holding a weapon in her hand approached the officer and was promptly tasered.  Read Facebook comments about the woman who was tasered and fell.  Reno police say “justifiable force” was used.

Watch her suddenly go stiff and fall flat on her back.


Reno's fabulous, ultra modern Washoe County Jail facility.

Reno’s fabulous, ultra modern Washoe County Jail facility.  Isn’t it the bomb?

ApeshitMob of 10 morons from out of town fighting under the neon lights of the famous Reno Arch sign makes me sick, disrespecting fun city Reno with that sort of bullshit. We’re a party town and the cops won’t fuck with you unless it’s deserved. What makes matters worse is all the taxpayer money spent processing them at our fabulous, ultra-modern jail facility, where they receive their photo op (modern color photos even), providing them with a lovely, clean, freezing cold air-conditioned jail cell replete with running water AND a modern stainless steel toilet! Not to forget our delicious, accommodating jailhouse food: piping hot mush in the morning with bitter, black coffee, a cheese or bologna sandwich for lunch and a scrumptious hot supper, served À la carte. You get three squares a day with a 10-minute break to do your walking exercise in the jail guard yard. Utter luxury for out-of-towners — and at night you get to look at TV for 20 minutes! Wow!

Ancient Baby Found from Pompeii Eruption Two Thousand Years Ago

Archaeologists uncovered the preserved remains of a young child who was sitting on his mother’s lap when Mount Vesuvius erupted in November of 79 A.D., killing residents of the city of Pompeii with deadly gas, followed by a shower of volcanic ash that covered the city in its entirety.

“This is MY baby!  All MINE!  And I love it.”


Weird Man Offers $20 to Mall Bum to Spit on a Chik-Fil-A Sandwich So He Can Eat It (VIDEO)

YouTuber’s description:

“At work today at the Orange Park Mall I went to take a smoke break and my friends were laughing so hard cause this guy came up and wanted to give them 20 bucks to spit in a sandwich so he could eat it. It’s totally real and ridiculous. You really need to watch this to understand whats going on!”

Hypnosis Conditioning: Obedience for Gay Men Who Wish to Serve as Slaves to Heterosexual “Alpha Males”

SickHere’s a real fucken sicko for ya.  Alleged heterosexual hypnotist with a creepy voice who uses hypnosis to brainwash homosexuals into being slaves for heterosexual males (who call themselves “Alpha Males”) to serve their every whim: doing cooking, cleaning, housework for them — as well as performing humiliating, submissive sexual acts (you knew that was coming) to entertain and gratify them sexually.

Tumblr-TrashThe hypnosis trick above is about as sick and disturbing as this HATE SITE’s cruel filth.  Click their vomit-worthy images below to see for yourself the extent of hate and cruelty promoted.  Remember, it’s “free speech” so Tumblr allows it.  Maybe by you seeing this evil shit found in the cringe-worthy reaches of the Internet will cause you to have some sort of Epiphany about today’s ugly society of milling slimy human animals who are over-feeding off Earth’s resources, while destroying the planet with carbon dioxide fumes.  [I’m a pleasant, cheerful little shit, aren’t I?]

Disgusting Chow Dish

This is the most despicable racist thing found on the Web in several years. To downgrade a human being this low, holding a dog’s dish with the vile n-word written on it for him to eat from…  But then again we must not be harsh in our rush to judge!  He may be a fetishist into some sort of weird racist BDSM sexual shit getting his freak on from being humiliated by white people.  There are people who are into such weird trips for sexual gratification.  Either way, it’s fucken sick and nauseating to see such evil, attention-whoring swill.  Makes you want to cut your throat to get off this EVIL PLANET, dun’t it?  No wonder space aliens refuse to have anything to do with us with all the hatred of each other going on in our diseased society of today.

Nazi Bruder

Yeah, there are lots of sick fucks loose today who actually worship Nazi-ism that most of us thought had ended with the defeat of evil Germany in 1945. What a stinker — piece of human swill. To think of the millions of innocent people, including children, that Hitler’s regime murdered in concentration camp ovens… and here is this asshole proudly doing a hail Hitler gesture.

Police Penis Tricks

Who knows for sure if this is real or some sick and twisted police sex fantasy, photographed by a freak who yearns to suck cop dick?  In our twisted, upside-down world of today anything goes!  Just watch the news, see the sick murders and killings happening hourly around the world. With all the mentally disturbed crap people loose on foot doing weird shit like this it’s no wonder the police seem to think of people as “the enemy” aiming their machine guns and mechanized tanks and artillery at people when they protest. If you had to put up with crazy, fucked up people on your JOB all day long, every day of the week — it’s a foregone conclusion you’d hate mankind, too — and go nuts in the process.

Totally Out There

For Christ sake, get a load of this whacked out pervert freak with spiked hair wearing rags for clothes going around town doing indecent exposure shock appearances with his dick hanging out like that to capture people’s attention. Oh but it’s covered by that yellow thing so it’s OK — he thinks he can’t be arrested cuz his dick is covered..  His whole visage is about his dick.  But who would really want to fuck somebody so DIRTY LOOKING, needing a hot bath with a drop of Clorox in the water!  Mothers, grandmothers and little kids will look at him out in public, maybe in a Walmart parking lot, and they’ll see that THING hanging out between his legs with them torn, bleach-stained jeans and wonder why he looks like that — why he WANTS to look like that.  WHY? His ambitions in life don’t include having a good-paying job, a good car, money in the bank and a wife and kids at home to enjoy. No, he’s about looking like a freak shocking people, making them fearful or revolted by his appearance.  It’s about being a bum and an overall pain in the ass.  HIS COCK.  It’s his cock.  It’s BIG.  It’s the one thing he knows he can manipulate people with.  That big yellow moneymaker.  Yawn.

A Nazi-worshiper performing a PROFANE ACT of kissing a statue of Jesus with a wall tapestry of the Nazi symbol on his bedroom wall over his sex bed.

A Nazi-worshiper performing a PROFANE ACT of kissing a statue of Jesus with a wall tapestry of the Nazi symbol on his bedroom wall over his sex bed.  See how fucking backward and twisted our world is today with this kind of insane expressionism?  The evil Nazi symbol while promoting Jesus love.  It’s absolutely upside-down unbelievable, yet true.  It’s REAL.  He’s real.  It’s a living nightmare I tell ya.

Satan’s Turd “Farming” Enthusiasts (DISTURBING)

After all, our site is named CRINGE Fringe….

Pregnant devout Satanist says "His demons are everywhere."

Pregnant devout Satanist says “His demons are everywhere.”

Creepy Satanists with an appetite for human fecal matter call their thefts of them from public toilets “farming.”



Satans Sewer Pig Tumblr

Love scene from Satan’s Sewer Pig Tumblr blog

Drink Bleach Life Hack Meme

“Hail Satan” these two sinners mumble during a touching moment of anal bliss.  Meanwhile, Satan’s evil disciple looks on at Jesus loving power bottom.