Pat Robertson: Halloween is a Satanic Celebration

Another fun clip by the crackpot Christian pastor, this time targeting children. Enjoy.

“The day when children will be dressing up as devils, witches and goblins to celebrate Satan!”

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Cult-Movies“The Naked Witch” (production details here)” (1961, Color) is a creepy low-budget horror film about an widow witch who was executed hundred years ago for having an affair with a married innkeeper named Otto.  She is staked and buried, but returns to life in the present after her grave is uncovered by an unwitting student who removed the wooden stake from her bones. The vengeful witch rises naked from her grave and embarks on a campaign of seduction, revenge and murder against the descendants of innkeeper Otto responsible for her unfair death.  [The film is on The Internet Archive.]



Warning of Asteroid Collision Course with Moon Set for HALLOWEEN

uh-oh!Asteroid “2015 TB145” (nicknamed “Spooky” for its Halloween arrival) is HUGE, measuring 640-metres (that’s two-and-a-half times the size of US presidential candidate Donald Trump’s 72-floor Trump Towers high-rise complex in New York), has a highly unpredictable orbit that has more chance of HITTING the Moon than Earth when it passes on HALLOWEEN is being closely monitored after being discovered just DAYS ago.

NASA Predicts — But Won’t Assure Halloween Asteroid Will Miss


Neighborhood Flyers Requesting No Halloween Candy Containing Gluten, Dairy or Nuts Be Distributed

Ahahahaheehee!  Are you fricken serious, bitch?

Gluten-Free Halloween Candy
Seriously, Vegan? Kids DON’T WANT carrot sticks or raisins on Halloween. They WANT CANDY! They want CHOCOLATE! DAIRY! GLUTEN! They want chocolate-covered PEANUTS! Get it? Ahahahahahaheehee!

The anonymous flier advises parents to hand out “allergy-conscious” items such as raisins, Lifesavers or carrot sticks instead. Enjoy comments about this on REDDIT!

Gluten-Free Halloween Candy- Close-upProblem-Solving Skills 101:

Dose that kid with cough syrup to knock him out for the night! Problem solved!


“Look, son! Mommy has liquid trick-or-treat candy for Halloween! Nighty-night!”

SOLUTION for more crybaby passive-aggressive bullshit!


“Why Doesn’t the Squirrel In My Backyard Like Me?”


A person concerned about wildlife posted this textbook classic passive-aggressive question: “Why Doesn’t the Squirrel In My Backyard Like Me?” on the bitchy gay forum.

:-) Here is someone’s answer:

“It doesn’t like you because it senses your evil, controlling toxic personality and is fearful of it. Animals are aware of human emotions. They have the uncanny knack for sensing someone who is hostile to them and they flee in fear. It has obviously heard you screaming and yelling in your house, for the squirrel lives near your home. It hates you because it thinks you are an untrustworthy human who may do it harm! Stop being a screaming harpie in your home. Stop shouting accusations at people caused by your insecurity. Stop being a total asshole cunt. And for God’s sake, when you’re getting your ass fucked, stop being so loud about it. The animals are appalled by your mimicking the sound you heard of your mother getting fucked by your father: her moaning, her shouting, her sounding like she’s being murdered when she got fucked. YOUR FATHER’S DICK WASN’T THAT BIG, mmmmmkay? Now get a life, get a J-O-B and quit worrying about wildlife. —Sigmund Freud.”