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MUGSHOT TELLS ALL: Florida Woman Calls 911, Orders Wings and Cigarettes

Wings and Cigarettes Ordered on 911

“Lake County Deputies responded to an apartment complex in Clermont on Wednesday evening after the Sheriff’s Office received a 911 call from a woman who stated she would pass out if she didn’t get chicken wings and cigarettes. The caller, 45-year-old Liann Watson, told responding deputies she had been drinking and was unable to drive; therefore, she called 911 to ask someone to bring her chicken wings and cigarettes.” SORDID DETAILS HERE

Crazy Lady Tells Katy Perry’s Father His Daughter is Wicked and Demonic (MUST-SEE)

A real scary religious fanatic nutcase ran up to singer Katy Perry’s father spewing all sorts of demon bullshit about his daughter’s “wicked” videos corrupting her son.

“Katy Perry is one of the most wicked, satanic music artists out there!  YOUR DAUGHTER IS WICKED!”

Anti-Gay Facebook Nuts Troll Campbell’s Soup Angry Over The “Two Dads” Commercial

The Flames of Hate and Bigotry Run Strong in Sick America

A homosexual "married" couple is featured prominently with a young boy (their son) in the new Campbell Soup advertisement.
A homosexual “married” couple is featured prominently with a young boy (their son) in the new Campbell Soup advertisement has haters’ panties all in an uproar.



Campbell’s soup is under fire by online whackos over their “two gay fathers” Star Wars commercial and are getting trolled on their Facebook page in Visitor’s Comments section by mena old flame-war religious fanatic bigots!  Oh for shame, for shame!

Meet Debra Payton and her “gay soup” hate post on Facebook and don’t miss the comments!


Campbells Bigots

“Die You Bitch” Shouted Controlling Husband & Then Slashed His Wife’s Throat

Die You BitchPaul Temple and his son tracked and caught his wife cheating on him and took revenge on her by slashing the deceitful woman’s throat.  Temple was cleared of attempted murder.

“Their son Dean helped his father and listened outside where he could hear his mother and the man having sex inside the house, reporting event back to Temple.  The vengeful husband then lay in wait for his wife when she arrived back at their home in Stockton on Tees and, seething, asked her if she’d enjoyed herself.  When Mrs Temple confirmed that she had, he told her she was going to die, grabbed a knife from a kitchen drawer and plunged it into her shoulder, puncturing her lung. He then drew the blade across her neck and yelled ‘die you bitch’.”

VIDEO: Watch a 14-Year-Old Run Over By a Car in Schoolyard Brawl

Our Sick WorldVery disturbing cell phone video showing a lunatic driver of a car run over a child to the screams of bystanders as a street brawl ensues at school.  Where is security?  Nowhere to be seen.

Horrific Run Over Starts at Pos. 01:35

919313-drgraves2[What a fucked up world this has become with all these wild, angry people breaking the law with careless disregard for human life. The police are literally fighting a war to protect us from all the psychopaths afoot!


Horrible Man Shot His Mother 6 Times, Cut Her Heart Out, Then Masturbated On Her Dead Body

SickA California man accused of murdering his mother told police that he sliced open her chest, removed her heart and then masturbated as “a release,” extremely disturbing court documents claim. An unapologetic Omar Mark Pettigen, 31, said that the horrific act felt “good” upon his arrest just north of Oakland five days after the slaying, according to charging documents obtained by The Daily News. His capture came after his father asking police to perform a welfare check at his ex-wife’s Fremont home on Sept. 29 after not hearing from her or their son from his home in New Mexico. When officers arrived at the home, Nailah Pettigen, 64, “appeared to have been disemboweled” in her blood-soaked bedroom, police said. The former American High School math teacher was found sliced from her neck down to her cervix and had her underwear around her ankles. She had also been shot at least seven times, an autopsy later found. KEEP READING

Man Eats Toilet Paper to Avoid DUI

Ate Toilet Paper to Avoid DUIPolice in Iowa City, Iowa, said Ross McDonald took drastic steps to avoid arrest on a drunken driving charge Sunday morning. He allegedly swallowed toilet paper before taking a Breathalyzer test.

Officers noted his choice of Halloween costume as well: A trench coat and “piece of cloth that looked like a penis.”

VIDEO: Homophobic Girl in New York City & Other Assorted Freaks

Woo she really got mad when “the fags” called her a “little white trash bitch.”  Must’ve hit a nerve.

BONUS FREAK SHOW: Movie theater parking argument inflames in line while waiting to buy tickets:

Might as well throw this white trash tattoo in the mix for flavor:

Trashy Tatts

VIRAL OF THE MOMENT: Fight at Minneapolis McDonalds (VIDEO)

“The man got of the car, looked in my eyes and spit in my face. I’m arguing with the guy, one of my crew tries to close the window, and he pushes it open. He grabbed my tie, and he’s trying to get me out of the window. He was choking me. … I was fighting for my life.”

Crazy-People2When a customer tried to pay for a $3 sandwich with a $100 bill, the customer got mad at the manager for taking too long getting his change and a fight ensued at the drive-thru window. Story on the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

“Drunken drive-up customer kept a death grip on the worker’s tie and choked him until police arrived.”

919313-drgraves2[“Death grip” all over a cheap $3 burger?!  And now the drunkard’s gonna spend some time in jail and pay the court restitution — not to forget he’s now on the cops’ crazies watch list. And all over a lousy $3 burger. WTF is wrong with people anymore?  Think about it.  They get angry over the stupidest, irrelevant things, and usually wind up getting tasered and shot by the cops. Must be something in our fast-food that causes mass insanity, the want and NEED to KILL!–Ed.]