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Sheen to “Confess” His Medical “Aberration” to His Majesty Sticky-Beak Matt Lauer

Infected with AIDSCharlie Sheen to make an announcement about his medical situation to the nosy media tomorrow.  He may have infected a bunch of people (women and MEN) with HIV from sperm of his cock, so accuses the sleazy Enquirer.


Brainwashing Hypnosis for Gays to Submit to Heterosexual Men as Slaves

Our Sick WorldThere’s a whole slew more of this creepy “erotic hypnosis for men” nonsense on Master Josh’s YouTube channel. “Master” Josh asks gay men to give him money online in “tribute” to his heterosexual control over gay men who are submissive, foolish with their money and want to be dominated by an aggressive, foul-mouthed heterosexual male (it’s supposed to be a “fetish” you see). Sheesh, there are a LOT of creepy people out there doing weird shit like this… it’s rather disturbing. Maybe the apocalypse should come!

It Is The Will of Our Holy Mother Guadalupe

Oh.my… get a load of Miss South of the Border‘s red boots — and other assets!  Donald, couldn’t we let just one more through?  Just one more?  Please, Mr. President Trump?

Coming to America to work for Donald Trump!

Latin Queen

Orthodox Priests Make Sexy Calendar to Fight Homophobia — WAIT, WTF?

Orthodox CalendarYeah, you read the above headline right… orthodox priests fighting homophobia!  WTF?  Wait just a minute — doesn’t the church hate “sodomites” — as they call homosexuals in the bible — for engaging in anal sex with other men?  How can priests be interested in fighting homophobia for corn sake?  Doesn’t make sense, right?

strangebuttrueWell it’s true.  Church priests actually posed in various kinky BDSM pictures exhibiting homosexual acts for a calendar with the hope people will not be homophobic when they see a priest pictured with a homosexual in a bible-forbidden sex act!  Now who in the Hell came up with THAT ridiculous idea?


Go to Orthodox-Calendar.com to order your collector’s item calendar now, Christians!  And look at their page promoting the RATED X UNCENSORED CALENDAR where priests are naked showing their dicks right along with the sodomites they’ve been persecuting since the time of Moses!


Upside-Down World2


VIDEO: Anti-Gay Hate Pastor Shouts: “You Sick Faggots and Lesbos Will Burn!”

“Children of the Devil” chant “stop the hate now!” at hate Pastor James Manning.

“Anybody who loves another man’s rectum is a hater! There is no salvation for butt-lickers and butt-bangers like you! You perverted faggots! You smell like rectums! I am the greatest preacher and defender of the word of God!

“Blood Moon Doomsday” Special Treat for Our Penis-Crazed Sex Fiend Visitors (NSFW, ADULT)

FORBIDDEN BLOOD MOON FILTH!Blood Moon Prophecy“The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and the terrible day of the Lord comes.”

Penis-Freaks2For our gay, strt8 female and latent curious strt8 male visitors who are penis-crazed, we present you with a treat of “gorgeous Latin guy” to masturbate to when our planet is destroyed by the return of Jesus!  That’s right: go out in style beating your pud!


VISITOR WRITES: “I turned queer after watching the Latin. You are a very evil man, Mr. Digger. I’m going to Hell on doomsday night thanks to you.”


SATANWE ASK THIS: If the Lord is so kind, loving, compassionate and against violence as preached in the Holy Bible, why would He violate the “thou shalt not kill” tenth commandment?  Why must the Lord’s return be a “terrible day”?  Why not His return be a wonderful day instead?  Why must he KILL US?  Doesn’t make sense, does it?

P.S. — After you watch and wipe up with Clorox, “WATCH LIVE the end of the world from the comfort of your armchair.”

Bio-Warfare: The Man Made Origins Of Ebola And Aids

Could Ebola and Aids have been created in a Bio-warfare laboratory in the USA? Article names scientists involved, who state the virus was deliberately released. And we now know that monkeys do not get Aids when infected with the human Aids virus.


VIDEO: Drag Queen on a Roller Coaster

Dig that evil eye make-up. Wonder how THE POPE would react to an encounter with her?

Guys in passing car yell “fuck her right in the pussy,” then passing jogging girl grabs mic and says “fuck me right in the pussy (FMRITP).” See full prank newsroom footage of the above here.

ISIS Kills 10 More Gays, Including Boy

Crazy Gun NutDestroy their oil fields, destroy their banks, cut off/poison their water supply, cut off their food supply. If all else fails, nuke their base camps, infect them with radiation fallout sickness. [Story Here]

Gay man falls to his death after being thrown off roof in Syria.
Gay man falls to his death after being thrown off roof in Syria.

Greedy Hedge-Funder Buys Rights to AIDS Drug and Raises Price from $13.50 to $750 PER PILL!

Pig-2Dirty rat Martin Shkreli caused global outrage and disgust on the Internet over his greed, raising the price of a new and promising AIDS drug.  Big Pharma

Shkreli told Bloomberg that he hiked up the price of the pill because Turing Pharmaceuticals ‘needed to turn a profit on the drug’.

Shkreli vows to fight the whole Internet — observe his Tweets.


Greedy Hedgefunder


“Even Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton jumped into criticize the price hike, calling it ‘outrageous’.

‘Price gouging like this in the specialty drug market is outrageous. Tomorrow I’ll lay out a plan to take it on. -H,’ she Tweeted on Monday.”

CRINGE VIDEO: Theodore Shoebat is the “Dumbest Homophobe Ever”

Dumbest Homophobe Ever
YouTuber flips out over Theodore.


WTFThat Shoebat guy is about as NUTS as the suggestion below that mens wipe ther balls down with vinegar to eliminate male “swamp crotch odor”! Yeah, I wrote the word VINEGAR!  This guy wants YOU men to go around all day with your junk smelling like vinegar! WTF?  See this review of 10 products to correct a foul-smelling penis, guys.

thumbs_upForget wiping your junk down with apple cider vinegar, guys!  As we all know most homosexual men are very clean when it comes to their junk!  So you heterosexual mens harken to this: Pinaud Clubman is the best product ever for the male “junk funk” problem, guys!  No respectable straight woman enjoys a nosedive into your stinky, sweaty, cheesy smelling crotch for oral sodomy (i.e., a head job)!  I’ve used this for years and it works, smells great and keeps you dry.  The review said this one is the best of all the junk funk products!

Look, here’s my Pinaud Clubman on my bathroom sink!

“A true ‘Sexy Guy’ is a Guy Whose Crotch Smells Great on a Hot, Sweltering Day!” Said Confucius

Pinaud Clubman
“Oh God my dick always smells so gosh dern good! Everyone wants to suck it now! Thanks Mr. Link Digger!”

Before applying, make sure the area is dry. Also, shake a little in your shoes! Your feet will have a great smell all day as well! Find it in the men’s shaving section at Walmart or Walgreens. IF your crotch continues to stink then you’ve got JOCK ITCH, a Yeast Infection (99% from a woman), or Chlamydia!