CRINGE VIDEO: Theodore Shoebat is the “Dumbest Homophobe Ever”

Dumbest Homophobe Ever
YouTuber flips out over Theodore.


WTFThat Shoebat guy is about as NUTS as the suggestion below that mens wipe ther balls down with vinegar to eliminate male “swamp crotch odor”! Yeah, I wrote the word VINEGAR!  This guy wants YOU men to go around all day with your junk smelling like vinegar! WTF?  See this review of 10 products to correct a foul-smelling penis, guys.

thumbs_upForget wiping your junk down with apple cider vinegar, guys!  As we all know most homosexual men are very clean when it comes to their junk!  So you heterosexual mens harken to this: Pinaud Clubman is the best product ever for the male “junk funk” problem, guys!  No respectable straight woman enjoys a nosedive into your stinky, sweaty, cheesy smelling crotch for oral sodomy (i.e., a head job)!  I’ve used this for years and it works, smells great and keeps you dry.  The review said this one is the best of all the junk funk products!

Look, here’s my Pinaud Clubman on my bathroom sink!

“A true ‘Sexy Guy’ is a Guy Whose Crotch Smells Great on a Hot, Sweltering Day!” Said Confucius

Pinaud Clubman
“Oh God my dick always smells so gosh dern good! Everyone wants to suck it now! Thanks Mr. Link Digger!”

Before applying, make sure the area is dry. Also, shake a little in your shoes! Your feet will have a great smell all day as well! Find it in the men’s shaving section at Walmart or Walgreens. IF your crotch continues to stink then you’ve got JOCK ITCH, a Yeast Infection (99% from a woman), or Chlamydia!