Pterodactyl Spotted Flying Over Boise, Idaho! (VIDEO)

Extinct Bird Filmed

DAILY MAIL — The prehistoric extinct giant reptile bird dinosaur is filmed flying over Boise, Idaho.  Has some radical genetics scientist cloned the deadly prehistoric creature and released it into the environment to feed on humans?  Experts are checking the authenticity of the video.

Interview with a Weird Satanist Guy (VIRAL)

:-) Get a load of how The Weird Satanist Guy talks and his facial movements at the unveiling of a satanic statue Detroit, Michigan. The Weird Satanist Guy, also known as Onyx the Fortuitous (a.k.a. Weird Gamer Guy) is on YouTube as Andrew Bowser AND his AndrewBowserDirector YouTube channel.

Onyx the Fortuitous (“Weird Gamer Guy”):

Man With World’s Longest Penis Weighs It To Prove It’s Real

In this follow-up to our previous story about Mexico’s Roberto Esquivel Cabrera, who claims to have the world’s biggest penis at 19-inches, apparently doubters have been after Cabrera calling him a liar. So Cabrera sets out to prove his penis is the world’s biggest by putting it on some weighing scales at his home in Saltillo, Mexico. He put a sock over it and his penis weighs 2.2-lbs. His x-ray proves its length. News of his Sex Tape Offer here. Cabrera claims his 19-inch, 2.2-lb. penis makes him disabled.

Company Created New “Human Organs” — Ears That Use Brain Waves

“We created new human’s organs that use brain wave sensor. “Necomimi“is the new communication tool that augments human’s body and ability. “Necomimi” will be released in the end of this year. Price, color and any other gadgets are undecided.” [Facebook]