Dinner and a Show at McDonalds (VIRAL)

WTF LunaticCops taser a druggy high on meth numerous times as McDonalds customers chow down their grub watching the show.

[Good crime/copper video except for the annoying hag screeching in the background.]

Father Confronts Pervert in Walmart (VIDEO)

A father goes after a creep whom he saw taking pictures of his daughter in Walmart.  See Daily Mail for story.

Watch stupid’s really shitty cell video. Some people can’t handle a camera for shit.

“Adam 12” Star Martin Milner Dies at Age 83

Route 66 TV Series 1960
Milner starred in the TV classic, “Route 66” in the early 1960s. Standing with him is co-star George Maharis. (1960 photo)

Hear the classic “Route 66” theme song:

After the classic “Route 66” series ended (1960-1964), in 1968 Martin Milner played Officer Pete Malloy, a veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department assisted by rookie cop Jim Reed, who was played by Kent McCord, in the TV series “Adam 12” (1968-1975), produced by legendary “Dragnet” star, Jack Webb (who also created “Emergency!” (1972-1977)), through his own Mark VII Limited production company.

Martin Milner Adam 12
TV and Film Star Martin Milner has Died of Old Age at 83. See NY Times Obit Here.

“I had a long, long friendship with Marty and we remained friends up till the end,” said Adam 12 co-star Kent McCord on Monday, September 7 (see this Los Angeles Times story).

“He was one of the really true great people of our industry with a long, distinguished career…Wonderful films, wonderful television shows, pioneering shows like ‘Route 66.’ He was one of the great guys. I was lucky to have him in my life.” (Source)

Lesbian Judge Refuses to Marry Straight Couples… Ha-Ha!

Judge Tonya Parker says until same-sex licenses are legal in Texas, she will not sign sforms. “I do not perform them because it is not an equal application of the law. Period,” she said, reports the NY Daily News.


Amazing Things Surfacing As Nevada’s Lake Mead — Sole Water Supply to Las Vegas — Is Down 60 Percent from the Drought

PANICCould Las Vegas become a ghost town when or if it’s manmade lake, Lake Mead, dries up from the drought?

It supplies water not only to Las Vegas, but to Arizona cities next door. Lake Mead is one of the largest reservoir lakes in the US, created in the 1930s. As it filled, it flooded St. Thomas, a notorious, lawless old west town (now above ground after some 80 years), under hundreds of feet of water that divers could not get to. There’s even a World War II bomber sunk there, which is still covered in water. Let us hope that this year’s El Nino will raise the lake back up with torrential rain storms it brings — otherwise, the fabulous gambling town in the desert of Nevada, Las Vegas, could become a ghost town when the water runs out!

If the water supply to Vegas dries up, things could be as bad as this town in California when taps run dry. People will leave in droves in a massive migration as real estate values collapse, a second Exodus!