Amazing Things Surfacing As Nevada’s Lake Mead — Sole Water Supply to Las Vegas — Is Down 60 Percent from the Drought

PANICCould Las Vegas become a ghost town when or if it’s manmade lake, Lake Mead, dries up from the drought?

It supplies water not only to Las Vegas, but to Arizona cities next door. Lake Mead is one of the largest reservoir lakes in the US, created in the 1930s. As it filled, it flooded St. Thomas, a notorious, lawless old west town (now above ground after some 80 years), under hundreds of feet of water that divers could not get to. There’s even a World War II bomber sunk there, which is still covered in water. Let us hope that this year’s El Nino will raise the lake back up with torrential rain storms it brings — otherwise, the fabulous gambling town in the desert of Nevada, Las Vegas, could become a ghost town when the water runs out!

If the water supply to Vegas dries up, things could be as bad as this town in California when taps run dry. People will leave in droves in a massive migration as real estate values collapse, a second Exodus!