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Alpha Cash Master

“Welcome to “Planet Hell” my world MasterHellCrusher Cash Boss of cash-slaves ,submissives and atm-cashpigs. On my channel will display dominance with financial domination ,and what i do to these freaks when i practice my sadism . Bow down worship me submit to my power and serve my royal throne. Find your place beneath my feet and subscribe to my channel for more video’s !!!!”

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Uber Driver Attacked, Sprays Asshole with Pepper Spray

UPDATE! The drunk attacker was a Taco Bell executive and he’s been fired from his job because of the attack.

“Uber drivers don’t get paid enough to deal with this shit.”

Attacked Uber Driver

A vicious drunk who beat up this Uber driver has been caught and arrested.  Read full story on YouTube

“We went back and fourth a bit before I told him if he didnt get out i would call the police. At which point he opened his door and began beating me over the head. I fumbled with the safety on the pepper spray while trying to protect my face with my other arm, I broke free from him grabbing me by the hair on the back of my head, and sprayed his face until he got out of the car, at which point i left the vehicle. Uber drivers don’t get paid enough to deal with this shit.”

Road Rage and Car Crashes Videos

Road Rage Car Crashes YouTubeCar Crash WeeklyA veritable treasure trove of lunatic road rage and car crash compilation videos at Car Crashes Weekly on YouTube.  Here is their Facebook page.  Here’s a couple to entertain thee. If you want to watch bigger video, just click on the YouTube link in the video embed (in case you’re not Internet savvy).

It’s a foregone conclusion that many of these idiots were smoking METH like this guy:

Crazy Neighbor Sprays Guys Trying to Fix Wall, Hoping They’ll Fall (VIDEO)

“If you fall I hope you both die!”

Published on Oct 31, 2015:  “Came back to Canada. My brother has been in a battle with his next door Neighbor. She does not want to give him access to the side of the house to fix the mortar on his brick house. The rain is seeping through and doing damage and to get scaffolding up its about 30k for the work. Winter is coming. We decided to rappel off the chimney to fix the wall ourselves. Mind you in a gynecologist and he’s an ophthalmologist not our cup of tea. We’d rather be hanging out with the family today. The police were called and they informed us we are not doing anything illegal. This lady is an English professor that specialized in Shakespeare. Now watch what happened.”

He tells cops his blood sugar is low as an excuse.
He tells cops his blood sugar is low as an excuse.


Pat Robertson: Halloween is a Satanic Celebration

Another fun clip by the crackpot Christian pastor, this time targeting children. Enjoy.

“The day when children will be dressing up as devils, witches and goblins to celebrate Satan!”

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“Why Doesn’t the Squirrel In My Backyard Like Me?”


A person concerned about wildlife posted this textbook classic passive-aggressive question: “Why Doesn’t the Squirrel In My Backyard Like Me?” on the bitchy gay forum.

:-) Here is someone’s answer:

“It doesn’t like you because it senses your evil, controlling toxic personality and is fearful of it. Animals are aware of human emotions. They have the uncanny knack for sensing someone who is hostile to them and they flee in fear. It has obviously heard you screaming and yelling in your house, for the squirrel lives near your home. It hates you because it thinks you are an untrustworthy human who may do it harm! Stop being a screaming harpie in your home. Stop shouting accusations at people caused by your insecurity. Stop being a total asshole cunt. And for God’s sake, when you’re getting your ass fucked, stop being so loud about it. The animals are appalled by your mimicking the sound you heard of your mother getting fucked by your father: her moaning, her shouting, her sounding like she’s being murdered when she got fucked. YOUR FATHER’S DICK WASN’T THAT BIG, mmmmmkay? Now get a life, get a J-O-B and quit worrying about wildlife. —Sigmund Freud.”



Get a load of the two freaks in the video below. One is a depraved nutbag who’s into sniffing stinking ass farts. The farter is happy to oblige his sniffer’s sick fetish and lets out godawful farts to fulfill his sniffer’s desire. He must’ve eaten Mexican food in preparation. Fuck, this world is full of crazies. It’s disturbing.


Viva La Mexico!

"The Best Fart Food Comes from Mexico"
“The Best Fart Food Comes from Mexico”