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New Dating Site Exclusively for Cat Lovers:

Want to meet a crazy cat lady?  Or a crazy cat GUY?  It’s simple!  Browse cat aficionado personal profiles on the cat lover’s exclusive dating site, But before you join, you might want to check out this reviewer’s finds on the site first!

Extreme Heatwave Hits Reno

Scratch the 97 listed above and make that 99 for Wednesday’s official, record-breaking high. The land shrivels under the brunt of our flaring star over the trackless wastelands of Nevada. Extreme heat for the next five days. It is now 12:30 a.m. and the outside temperature has dropped to 80 degrees; humidity low at 29, […]

Welcome to the Vault of Atomic Space Age

The Vault of Atomic Spage Age: Retro vintage visions of a future that never was.


IDEA: Let’s Run Around the Neighborhood Wearing Pink Polka Dots from Victoria Secret Neighbor Shame caption: “Well, Jacksonville Florida… one of you lucky winners has a middle aged hairy man running around (perhaps prancing) wearing pink underwear he buys in person at Victoria Secret for a neighbor. He has self branded himself as the ‘Jax […]

Filthy Hetero: “You Trigger Me”

“Filthy Hetero” turns us on to this dreamboat.

Loving the Dope Pipe

Doper puffs away on glass pipe as he demonstrates various poses. More images of him on Cloudfucker. See Amateur Party Vids for more of the same.

This Week in Internet Crazy: The Fart Smell Freak

A CRINGE-WORTHY fart stench-loving guy at Fart Lighter boasts: “I like everything about farts and farting. It’s manly. Also into skidded undies and shitting my pants and others that do the same. Come sniff my ass!” [NOTE: The freebie Tumblr site employs the usual gay slurs in its prose, liberally using the word “faggot” throughout […]

New Dating Website Exclusively for Ghost Hunters

Are you a ghost hunter or have a thing for ghost hunters?  Now you can find your ghost hunter luv on the new dating site for ghost hunters and their aficionados: The Supernatural Dating Society.

Miniature Coffin Box on Etsy

GET OUT YOUR CARD! Ah the Macabre on Etsy has quite the collection of weird things to buy.

Cute Dead Guys Forum

Horny visitors with a fetish for dead guy bodies, post “cute dead guy” hotties.  Don’t ask.

“Wallpaper Delight” on Ugly House Photos!

Real estate professional Leif Swanson turns us on to the wonders of tasteless wallpapered homes for sale. But there’s much more nauseating real estate madness to see at that you don’t want to miss!  All Ready for Your Bubble Bath, Dahlinks!

15 of the Worst Hotel Rooms

Disgruntled hotel guests have been posting their hotel horror photos on the website and Oddee has collected some of the charming photos. Nasty Hotel Mattress A TON of Seminal DNA on Orange Wall