“Wallpaper Delight” on Ugly House Photos!

Real estate professional Leif Swanson turns us on to the wonders of tasteless wallpapered homes for sale. But there’s much more nauseating real estate madness to see at UglyHousePhotos.com that you don’t want to miss!  :-)

Wallpaper Delight

Imagine GOING INSANE while cooking in that kitchen with that pattern surrounding you — closing in on you as you stir a box of Kraft Mac ‘n Cheese on the stove!  The bacon grease spattering on that hideous wallpaper, staining it… and that horrible green matching floor that gives the impression you’re standing in a mausoleum.  Yech!

All Ready for Your Bubble Bath, Dahlinks!

Odd Bathtub

GET NAKED and slip your coveted genitalia into that nasty bath tub that, no matter how much Clorox and Ajax you use to scrub it with, will still bear that permanent piss/feces stain on the tub!  The color blue is everywhere, holding you captive, pushing in on you, strangling you! A person could FLIP OUT in there on a bad ‘shroom trip.  And guess what?  The owner put the place up for sale looking just like that for the lucky buyer!  What a bargain!  You’ll need to spend TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS to gut and renovate that train wreck.  Oh yeah, what a bargain home to buy!

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