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Adam Lambert “Ghost Town”

Good! Makes me want to go OUT and dance in the club! REMEMBER… Things happen when you wear ELEGANZA!

Crappy Thursday Chiller Filler

Play Flute Through The Anus

Creepy anus-infatuated guy speaking in a foreign tongue introduces you to a new musical way to lullaby your baby to sleep. [Remember: The word “ass” is pronounced “ACE”]

Weird Girl with Big Hair Sings Her Song

From the moldy, dusty times of yesteryear cometh… the Girl from Big Hair.

Something To Think About This Memorial Day Weekend When We Remember the Fallen Heroes

Barry McGuire’s “Eve of Destruction” is as relevant today as it was 50 years ago. Listen to those words. LYRICS BELOW

Time Warp Back, Back, Back to the Teen Idols of 1960

Fabian and Frankie Avalon.

Hoochi Koochi Girl

[Obscure torch song sang by 63-year-old “Queen Of The Vanity Records” Dora Hall in 1963 (originally demo recorded as “Floozy Little Suzy Brown“).  Hall was the wife of a millionaire who manufactured and sold disposable cup products. He made fake record labels for his wife’s songs. The origin of “hoochie coochie” is explained here.]

Weird Music: “Run Away From Him”

Some chick wearing a pointy bullet bra and tight stretch pants sings maudlin song, “Run Away From Him” 50 (FIFTY) YEARS AGO in a movie called “Wild on the Beach” that featured the first film appearance of Sonny & Cher. More from Cindy Malone… Her very last release (rare find)…

“All Good” by Zeroleen

Zeroleen’s one-hit wonder pop culture hip-hop song used in the recent Marriott Residence Inn hotel TV commercials, released by Quango Records on July 18, 2006 — also the soundtrack from the frat comedy movie, “College” (released 8/29/2008). See Wiki’s list of One-Hit Wonders in the United States. “One-Hit Wonder” websites: One Hit Wonder Central and One Hit […]

Leonard Nimoy Sings “Here We Go ‘Round Again” (1968)

CRINGE-WORTHY: Apparently Leonard “Mr. Spock” Nimoy had a brief flirtation with a musical singing career back in the weird sixties, producing a lone album called “The Way I Feel.”

WTF Lyrics of the Month

It was cold outside of Tiffanys I was shivering in the storm I walked in and asked a gentleman Could I plea-ease keep warm He asked me how come a baby doll Has no comfy place to go So I told that kindly gentleman My tale of woe Every baby needs a da-da-daddy To keep […]

Here’s Your Super Special Valentine