Lush Living Tapestries


It’s time to start thinking about Spring redecorating with a LIVE tapestry.

Living moss walls by “Freund” are called “tapestries” by fru-fru designers.  Yes, the greenery actually lives off air and moisture in the room, requiring no watering (imagine the mess caused by dragging in the garden hose and spraying it down, tee-hee).

Provides a Form of In-Home
Stress-Reducing Therapy
(And We All Could Use That)


French Farmer Lives at Secret Alien Base for One Year

AbductedA French farmer says he was abducted by alien scientists from another galaxy and taken to their secret underground alien facility high in the Himalayas for study purposes.  He provides a highly detailed account of what he saw during his one-year stay with them.  He describes the alien scientists as tall, blond, and thin with long arms. They were fashionably dressed in skin-tight jumpsuits open at the neck and wrists, with a metallic shimmer and a wide belt.

Silver Aliens

Alien scientists’ attire looked similar to this.

Meet Bela, A Man Who Dances With His Cats on The French Riviera

French Cat ManA French street performer named Bela Erdei dances with his affectionate housecats for a living.  This video captures a day in Bela’s weird life (also on YouTube).  See LiveWithCats.TV for another tribute to this unusual performer.

Bela: L’Homme Chat from Paul Trillo on Vimeo.