Designer’s Men’s Summer Fashion Ensemble

Yes, this monstrosity is an actual male model on the runway showing off a European designer’s idea of fashion for men for this summer. Note the pink purse in his hand. It would seem that pot-smoking is a prerequisite for the job description of a men’s fashion designer in Britain, wouldn’t you say?  More evidence here, here and here!

mens fashion 2013

Beyonce Has BETRAYED the American People!

Stupid Humans


scamSinger “Beyonce,” who has won 16 Grammy awards for her singing, lip-synched yesterday’s inaugural “Star Spangled Banner” — the coveted theme of America!  In other words, Beyonce’s performance yesterday was a SHAM!  All she did was move her lips to a pre-recorded song making you and the thousands that froze in the bitter cold yesterday assume she was singing it live!  It was just like a bad drag queen act!  Since when has the sacred inauguration ceremony used phony antics like a sideshow circus act?  Since when!  WE DEMAND TO KNOW!

       ”Unbeknownst to millions of viewers, however, The Times has learned that the perfect note had been struck in advance: in a recording studio on the eve of Inauguration Day.”

       “We did pre-record it,” a spokeswoman for the band admitted to The Times last night. “It was Beyoncé’s decision at the last minute to go with the pre-recorded version.”  Keep Reading...


Faked Star-Spangled Banner

No more Grammy Awards for you, phony!

Ingrid Van Vizzle wrote on Twitter: “Beyoncé lip-synced the American anthem. My life is over.”



Chef Dirty's Tweet

Whites Only Laundry

A New York sketch comedy group came up with this.

BELOW, Hood Tube owner responds to the video while filming himself on the toilet. He has a problem with the racist video being released at the time of Martin Luther King day, so Hood Tube guy asks Whites Only Laundry for their address so he can send a piece of shit-laden toilet paper to them.

MORE Creepy Men’s 2013 Fashions from Twisted European Designers Who Have No Clue

upside-down-worldHere’s a collective of creepy men’s fashion designs for 2013 from the runway that you absolutely won’t believe London fashion designers think men will actually buy and wear.  TIP:  If you purchase the men’s design below and wear it around town, we STRONGLY suggest you CARRY A CAN OF PEPPER SPRAY for self-protection from bashers.



Yes, THIS train wreck is what fashion designers in London, England think men will wear in 2013.

Wife Pulls Gun, Urinates and Poops on Floor After Finding Husband in Bed with Another Woman in their Home

Shit on Kitchen Floor


Brenda Schumann allegedly stormed into the bedroom of her Vero Beach, Fla. home at about 2:30 a.m. on Dec. 21, carrying a rifle and threatening to kill both her 42-year-old husband and his girlfriend. After her husband managed to get the gun away from her he says she urinated on the carpet outside the bedroom before shitting on the kitchen floor.

“I found him in bed with a naked chick.  What was I supposed to do?”  Brenda told the county sheriff.

Indeed, my dear Brenda!  That’s precisely what every wife should do to a dirty rat louse who’s cheating in the house (rhyme, rhyme).  Like the smart girl that she is, Brenda allegedly found a second rifle and began to destroy items around the house, including mirrors, pictures and Christmas decorations.  When satisfied she got her message across to her husband and his “chick,” Brenda then screeched off in her vehicle for dramatic effect for the nosy neighbors to chew over.

It’s a foregone conclusion her cheating husband hasn’t cleaned up her piss stain on the carpet or the SCAT she dropped on the kitchen floor during the histrionic festivities.

Maybe the home-wrecking cunt he was cheating with stepped in it?  We can only hope!

thinkOUR WISE ADVICE TO BRENDA:   Get rid of the asshole, Brenda dear, and soak him for every dime.  The police report serves as PROOF OF ADULTERY and mental anguish!  You’re gonna cash in BIG, girl!  Go for it and don’t be a chump!  Remember:  there’s plenty of cocks in the world for the taking!

Bus Driver Takes Care of Boasting Bully

A big fat loudmouth from “the West Side” beats on some guy half his size on the bus and boasts about it to other passengers, but when he gets off the bus, the bus driver wraps the shit out of him — and boasting bully runs away. Only problem was the bully’s stupid girlfriend stood in front of the bus saying the bus driver assaulted her bully boyfriend with a weapon.

Asshole Bully