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Conspiracy Nut Alex Jones Says Boston Marathon Bombing a Government Cover-Up

Anti-government paranoid Alex Jones has been tweeting that the government is behind the Boston runners marathon bomb blast, calling it a “staged terror attack.” He is even suggesting the pressure-cooker bomb is a lie. “Our hearts go out to those that are hurt or killed,” Jones wrote. “But this thing stinks to high heaven #falseflag.” [...]

Confederate Gun Nuts

Hate group freaks who want to bring back the confederacy.

Extraterrestrials Have Been Shielding the Earth from Solar Flares Due to Our Second Sun

Oh, did you know there is a “second sun”? Funny, but I only see one sun in the sky like the rest of humanity.  Guess I need to have an eye exam! However, according to the guy in the video below from the conspiracy site ExoPolitics.com who states very matter-of-factly there is a “second sun [...]

New End of the World Date: Now It’s January 1, 2017

It didn’t take crackpots long after the failed and much publicized doomsday date of December 21, 2012 to cook up with a new doomsday date, attaching a whole new doomsday prophecy story to it to suck people in.  This time, followers of the cult “The Sword of God Brotherhood” say they believe the ‘Prophet Gabriel’ [...]

VIDEO: Florida Woman Cuffed, Arrested for Black Friday Histrionics

Angry Florida woman Samantha Chavez  is filmed hog-tied on the ground writhing and shouting as she resists coppers who cuff her for throwing things at other shoppers on Black Friday.  Chavez was arrested around 10:30 p.m. on Thanksgiving Thursday inside the Walmart in Altamonte Springs, Fla., WKMG Local 6 reports.  Officers told the news station [...]

Thread: Gay Couple Pay THOUSANDS to Relocate Ungrateful Sister in Big $$$ Shakedown

Brandon and Charles, a kindly gay couple, layout over $10,000 clams to relocate a lazy, ungrateful relative and her child from an an abusive ex-husband in Texas.  She moves in with the men, then lays around in a bathrobe all day not looking for a job.  They paid to move her entire house, tow her [...]

Florida Army Vet Threatens to Hunt Down and Kill President Obama!

Army vet Christopher Castillo wrote on Facebook that if Obama were re-elected, he would “hunt down” the president and “watch the life disappear from his eyes.”  Federal agents promptly arrested him and when they did, Castillo (pictured below) told them if Obama were in front of him he would “bitch slap him, and beat the [...]