Daily Archives: September 11th, 2013

Digging into the Dynamics of Svengoolie’s New Coffin (RARE CLOSE-UP PHOTOS)

Chicago-area Horror host Svengoolie’s famous coffin gets an upgrade and here are the fantastic details to its artwork and inner workings.

Passenger Shaming

Slovenly airline passengers are shamed by flight attendants and revolted passengers who take their photos and put them for public shaming on PassengerShaming.com (also has Facebook page).

Happy Little Ass Kissers on Japanese Game Show

Giggling male contestants vie to kiss the most ass on Japanese ass-kissing game show.

Cop Lights Up 2-Pound Marijuana Joint in Washington

Since marijuana is legal in the state of Washington, stoner cops are getting into the act at the first marijuana harvest festival.  Historic, yet another sign of our backward, upside-down Twilight Zone-ish world! Over-joyed stoner holds the giant joint.

Rare Six-Clawed Lobster Caught Off Maine

A mutated crustacean with six claws (instead of five) was caught in the atomic seas off the state of Maine, lobster capital of the world, and donated to the Maine State Museum for public display by its fishermen. Oh the Joys of Atomic Waste Fertilizer!

Toon of the Day

Pants Down Pissing (ADULT)

A website memorializing strange men who drop their pants to pee in public places, obviously unaware of the concept of the zipper in men’s pants. HINT: Other Guys Don’t Want to See Your Ass (Unless They’re Gay)