Daily Archives: September 9th, 2013

Red Lobster Customer Writes on Receipt “None Nigger” for Tip

Yet another ignorant person writing bullshit on a restaurant receipt in the news.  This time it’s a moron who wrote a racist comment on the sales receipt, refusing to tip the waitress (image on the waitress’s father’s page).   After the waitress posted the receipt on her Facebook page, Red Lobster suspended her.  [Source 2]  See [...]

Naked Breastfeeding Mom (VIRAL)

This is an actual, unstaged photo of a mother breastfeeding her infant.  The mother lives in a Hawaiian nudist colony and was doing Yoga when her infant began suckling on her breast.  Mama thought the picture was so good she put it online.  Read UPI story.  Read the nudie mama’s blog where she addresses the [...]

DISGUSTING: 8-Year-Old Bride Dies on Her Wedding Night of Internal Injuries

Little girl forced to marry a 40-year-old man died on her wedding night from internal injuries after he apparently fucked the shit out of the child, ripping her vagina’s walls causing her to bleed to death in excruciating agony. How that poor child must have screamed as she was being hurt vaginally by the old [...]

Russia Mad at U.S. Rock Band “Bloodbath” After Band Member Wiped His Ass with Russian Flag (VIDEO)

Offended Russia has called  the U.S. rocker band “Bloodbath” criminals and has labeled them a hate group after a band member stuck the Russian flag down his crotch on stage, then pulled it through wiping his ass with it.  He then tossed the desecrated flag into the audience for them to sniff.  Russia wants the [...]

Horror Host Svengoolie’s New Coffin (VIDEO)

Popular Chicago area horror movie host Svengoolie (Wiki) (comedian Rich Koz) is excited about his fantastic new coffin — which has moving eyes and a working jaw –  on his weekly scary movie show, which he premiered on last Saturday’s Svengoolie show airing “The Mad Ghoul” (shown nationwide on the nostalgia TV network, ME TV [...]

Dumb State of Iowa Issues Gun Permits to the Blind So They Can Use “Penis Guns”

Yeah, you read the headline right… blind people can carry guns in Iowa.  It’s just more madness from our backward, Twilight-zonish upside-down world where nonsense makes sense any more. Wait… isn’t SEEING necessary for shooting?  Apparently not, according to the geniuses in charge of the state of Iowa! One Iowa dipshit actually had the audacity [...]