DISGUSTING: 8-Year-Old Bride Dies on Her Wedding Night of Internal Injuries

Our Sick WorldLittle girl forced to marry a 40-year-old man died on her wedding night from internal injuries after he apparently fucked the shit out of the child, ripping her vagina’s walls causing her to bleed to death in excruciating agony.

SickHow that poor child must have screamed as she was being hurt vaginally by the old man’s adult penis, but no one came to her rescue.  Everyone allowed this child to be MURDERED!  The man should be hanged in public square for murder of the 8-year-old.  Children’s genitalia of that age are not yet developed to handle rough penile penetration.

This crime happened in the country of Yemen, yet another barbaric, uncivilized Arabic country in the middle east where Child Bride evil is part of their Islamic culture.

This was LEGALIZED RAPE AND MURDER OF A CHILD — and the “husband” got away with it.

MURDERED by Adult's Penis
MURDERED by Adult’s Penis

An eight year old bride in Yemen died from internal injuries on her wedding night, bleeding to death after deep vaginal tearing caused by sex with her 40 year old husband.The girl, identified only by the name Rawan, died in Hardh in the governorate of Hajjah in northwestern Yemen, according to a report issued by UPI on Sunday, Sept. 8.

Activists in the region want to put an end to the practice of marrying young girls, and have called for police to arrest the girl’s husband and family. Nevertheless, the forced marriage of child brides in Yemen remains a socially accepted custom in many rural areas.

Indeed, the practice has deep cultural and religious roots, and is widespread in Yemen. A February 2009 law set the minimum age for marriage at 17, but it was repealed after some conservative lawmakers called it un-Islamic.

In particular, a prominent Islamic cleric, Abdulmajeed al-Zindani, issued a fatwa in support of the practice, declaring supporters of a ban on child brides to be apostates, and ultimately leading a successful campaign against legislation that would prevent adult men from marrying children.