Daily Archives: September 5th, 2013

NBC Cameraman Captures Money Shot of Broncos Cheerleader’s Snatch for Rabid Viewers

On Your TV Screen Tonight, Compliments of NBC I’m shocked she’s actually wearing underwear.  [Facebook]  Check out Guyism.com for full story.

Ohio Crazy Holds Idiot Sign for Threatening Cops (VIDEO)

Richard Dameron made 911 calls threatening cops.  This is his punishment.

Poop Wine (VIDEO)

Secret Korean recipe for fermenting an alcoholic beverage with medicinal qualities using human excrement.  The booze is made from children’s turds.

The “Action Zone” With Extra-Large “Snack Sack”

Sansabelt has fabulous new colors for their Fall 2013 line!  www.sansabelt.com The poodle is hungrily eyeing the “Action Zone.”

Spoiled Brat L.A. Rich Kid Uses “Faggot” Slur on Driver of Car He Damn Near Rear-Ended (VIDEO)

Punk son of a Hollywood screenwriter boasts about his “million dollar” Camaro after calling the driver he almost rear-ended a “faggot.” >

CRINGE-WORTHY: Richard Simmons Spreads Slime on Jimmy Kimmel

VOMIT-WORTHY:  Richard Simmons caresses Jimmy Kimmel’s face, simulates sodomy on the lap of Kimmel’s guest, then erotically spreads his mouth slime on Jimmy’s cheat card, among other cringe-worthy things that may incite a touch of vomit at the corner of your mouth while watching.

Don’t Listen to the Stupid Media! Keep Washing Your Chicken!

Idiotic news media is telling people not to wash chicken because the germs are sprayed around the kitchen, as discovered by Drexel University research.  Chicken and turkey are DIRTY, dead meat that come to you crawling with bacteria from the slaughter house on their skin and inside from being touched by dirty hands and disgusting [...]