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The Sci-Fi Art of Bruce Pennington

Artist Bruce Pennington paints fantastic, out-of-this-world illustrations that have been featured in many magazines and tabloids. If you’re into sci-fi art, check out his website. I love this painting of a home or outpost on another world (click to enlarge for full scale!).

The Three Generations of Superman!

Instead of constantly retelling the genesis of Superman with each new big screen movie, how about spinning a yarn like on the cover of this olden days Superman comic adventure instead, HollyWeird? It’s called IMAGINATION! IMAGINATION!  Gape in awe at this stunning painting of the Surface of an Alien World (click to enlarge twice for […]

Woman Finds Mysterious Hair Shavings on Her McMuffin

CONSPIRACY — A lovely young blonde McDonald’s customer was ‘disgusted’ when she discovered beard trimmings in her McMuffin — after eating half the vile thing.  Who behind the counter wanted her to taste their hairs? Beard Trimmings OR Trimmings from Somewhere Even More Disgusting?

Meet “Catman” — Mexican Pulp Fiction Hero

Amazing Mexican pulp fiction art on display by artist Ricco Maresca. See this page showing people adoring Ricco’s fantastic weird art. See much, much more Mexican Pulp Art on Tumblr.

“Catwoman” Has Been Turned Into a Dyke by New Female Writer

For 75 years the sexy feline femme fatale criminal “Catwoman” has been Batman’s arch nemesis… and now, catering to SEXUAL lesbian fantasies of men (and women) today, Catwoman has been turned into a lesbian by DC comics.  Well, not a complete Lesbian, for the character also likes men’s penises in addition to vagina (i.e., “bisexual”), […]

Vintage Batman Tea Set Worth Thousands!

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Superman: “Through the Time Barrier”

“Superman Through the Time Barrier” episode #53 was the first color Superman episode starting its third (out of six) seasons. Aired Friday 3:30 PM Apr 23, 1955. Due to the expensive color, only 13 episodes were made per year thereafter, instead of the normal 26. The last one aired in 1958, but plans were being […]

Strange Suspense Stories of Yesteryear

“A Town Full of Babies” [no, we ain’t talkin’ about Washington, D.C., heh-heh! (little joke there)] was first printed in “Strange Suspense Tales“ #60 (see the mag covers here) and then reprinted in “Black Cat Mystic” #60 (1957).  No spoilers — except to say it has a fun trick ending that was original way back […]

Cable News Ebola Hysteria Toons

Befouling the Evolutionary Cesspool of Life

Liars Want You to Believe This Obama Toon is Not Racist

Using the tasteless stereotype “watermelon” in the toon, the artist squirms and says “he had no idea the watermelon reference was racist.” Yeah, right.

The Wounded Planet by Dean Ellis (1974)

Unpleasant post-apocalyptic art could be a harbinger of things to come if man does not stop fighting and killing.  Some day some fucken nut is gonna push the button and ruin life for all of us. [From The Science Fiction Gallery and EmmaJerk Sci-Fi Art] Fool Humans Under Glass