Family ‘Disgusted’ After Pizza Hut Worker Fondled His Crotch Before Serving Their Pizza

Two girls posted a picture of a nasty Pizza Hut worker named “Zack” to Facebook who they caught with his hand down his pants. Zack was fired by Pizza Hut, according to the mother on Facebook.

Gross Pizza Hut Worker

High Speed Chase Over 100 Mph in Southern California (VIDEO)

Getaway car speeds through several Los Angeles counties over 100 mph. attempting to flee coppers.

L.A. Firefighter Sentenced in Beating of Woman Feeding Cats Caught on Camera

Though the news reporter feels sorry for the firefighter for “saving lives,” watch him beat and punch the living shit out of that woman for feeding stray cats in a clip of the incident in the news video below. He got 180 days in jail and a year of domestic abuse classes.

Tennessee Hardware Store Puts Up Sign: “No Gays Allowed”

No Gays Allowed Sign

The Advocate writes:

“Jeff Amyx, who owns Amyx Hardware & Roofing Supplies in Grainger County, Tenn., says he taped the sign to his store’s window in response to the Supreme Court’s ruling on same-sex marriage and because he feels gay and lesbian relationships are against his religion.

Amyx is also a Baptist minister.”

Catholic League President Threatens Gays for Spitting on a Catholic Priest During the Gay Parade in New York

Bill Doohue, Catholic League President
Bill Donohue, Catholic League President

Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, erupted in fury on Monday at reports that Father Jonathan Morris, a Catholic priest and noted Fox News religion analyst, was spat on at the Gay Pride Parade in New York City.  Father Morris tweeted that he was in downtown Manhattan when “I ran into gay marriage parade. Two men walked by and spat on me. Oh well … I deserve worse.”  [Source]

“If some gay guy — or a straight guy — starts spitting in my face, I’ll floor them. That’s the right answer,” Donohue told “The Steve Malzberg Show.” (VIDEO LINK)

Cops Hunting Hot Guy

“Just after 9:00 a.m. Monday morning, the Sheriff’s Office says Boehling was stopped for speeding on 7th Avenue in Sun Valley by a patrol unit with a woman and two children in his car. After speaking with the deputy Boehling is said to have sped off, driving recklessly at high speeds into the Highland Ranch area. For safety reasons, deputies decided not to follow him. ” KEEP READING

Hot Criminal Ran from Coppers Reno

KTVN Channel 2 – Reno Tahoe News Weather, Video –

Sexy NYPD Cop Does the Butt Grind with Gay Pride Marcher

NYPD dances with LGBT Big Apple Softball League‘s Marcher during the Pride Parade in NYC on Sunday, June 28. Sexy cop even got a kissy-poo on the cheek for his erection-inspiring nasty grind!

On the subject of cops, you might enjoy the tweets of A Former Baltimore Cop Just Tweeted All the Horrible Shit He Saw on the Job.