President Declares Flood Disaster in Texas (VIDEO)

uh-oh!Obama signs Texas disaster declaration…

LOOK at this disturbing flood footage happening in Texas, especially notable are all the cars backed up on a freeway that turned into a lake! Video declares number of deaths and more info about the disaster. There’s more interesting footage on The Weather Channel website, with video about SNAKES coming out from the flood biting Texans who walk in flood waters! Texas floods: Enough rain fell in May to cover entire state 8 inches deep (see CNN story here).

“Consider this a cautionary tale for why it’s a bad idea to walk around in floodwaters.”

Snakes in floodwaters of Texas! Don't walk in floodwater!
Snakes in floodwaters of Texas! Don’t walk in floodwater!
  “As the water rose, snakes and alligators suddenly had a lot more room to move around, and some have come right into neighborhoods where they’re not welcome.”

Little Girl Rescues Kitten from Storm Drain!



Memorial Day Weekend Drunken Beach Party Fight in Florida (VIDEO)


CRIME DOES NOT PAYGirl in green bathing suit top won’t quit interfering with cops as they hogtie her drunken brother who is resisting and gets into fight with female cop (the two were charged with battery on cops) trying to free her brother from the cops’ grasp.  Meanwhile, another drunk is hogtied as well — in this bystander’s cell phone video of the melee on a beach in Fort Launderdale, Florida, gone viral (read local news story of the event, if interested). See Reddit Public Freakout for other delicious moron videos.

Resistance is Futile

MUST SEE! Man Uses Balloons to Dispose of Illegal Drugs During Traffic Stop!


After the cop takes the speeder’s license and registration back to his patrol car, the drug fiend attaches his dope to helium balloons and floats them away!  Yes, it’s an actual cop car dashcam video.

Inventor of Bullet-Proof Jock Strap Gets Shot in the Dick to Test It

Penis-Freaks2Jeremiah Raber’s bullet-proof JOCK STRAP invention, called Nutshellz (a brand of athletic cup designed to protect a man’s testicles), gets put to the test by the inventor himself — who has his business partner shoot his dick WITH A RIFLE.

“Oh Jesus, thank you. Thank you…”
He whispers after being shot in the nuts.

76-Year-Old Woman Kicked Out Of KFC For Breastfeeding Her 42-Year-Old Son

Granny Breastfeeder
Sonny suckled on granny’s teat for 15 minutes, horrifying KFC customers.

Linda Berrety, a 76 year old woman, has created much controversy last week, for breast-feeding her 42-year-old son Michael in the middle of a KFC restaurant. Many people were grossed out and complained to management to kick the two out of the eatery.

[Now read this Snopes post about the above twosome.]

FLORIDA: 82-Year-Old Man Slashes Tires of Woman Who Took His Favorite Seat at Bingo

Fred Smith stormed out of the Lake Ashton Club House in Lake Wales, Florida, last Monday after Ethell Britt, 88, sat in his regular position and took an ice pick to the wheels of her van.

Fred Smith Mugshot Bingo

Horse Blows Out Candles on its Birthday Cake (VIDEO)

“A video of a woman in New Jersey holding a cake and singing “Happy Birthday” to her horse is all over Facebook. Because right after the song ends, it blows the candles out with its nose, and then looks like it smiles for the camera.” [The Freak]


An Over-the-Counter Food Supplement Found to Reverse the Aging Process!

Scientists have found way to make old cells as efficient as young ones and say aging could be reversed for us all by using a drug as a dietary supplement. Scientists say the restorative effect might be achieved by taking extra glycine, a natural amino acid that can be bought from health stores, but warned people must be careful before taking extra glycine, pointing to a recent report that showed it ‘possibly enhances cancer cell proliferation’. See additional info at “Fountain of Youth? Scientists Find Way to Reverse Aging in Human Cells.”

Glycine Fountain of Youth

Blood Sugar Regulation

Glycine assists with the regulation of blood sugars by converting glucose into energy. There is evidence to support the use of glycine to improve the long-term blood sugar levels within individuals suffering from type 2 diabetes. As glycine is sweet, it’s often recommend as a sugar supplement for diabetics. SOURCE

NASA Discovers New Planet Covered With Marijuana!

Planet X637Z-43, discovered using NASA’s Kepler satellite, with a chlorophyll concentration analysis showing the planet’s marijuana vegetation has THC 3000 times higher than marijuana plants grown on Earth.

The Marijuana Planet is a prime candidate for colonization.