An Over-the-Counter Food Supplement Found to Reverse the Aging Process!

Scientists have found way to make old cells as efficient as young ones and say aging could be reversed for us all by using a drug as a dietary supplement. Scientists say the restorative effect might be achieved by taking extra glycine, a natural amino acid that can be bought from health stores, but warned people must be careful before taking extra glycine, pointing to a recent report that showed it ‘possibly enhances cancer cell proliferation’. See additional info at “Fountain of Youth? Scientists Find Way to Reverse Aging in Human Cells.”

Glycine Fountain of Youth

Blood Sugar Regulation

Glycine assists with the regulation of blood sugars by converting glucose into energy. There is evidence to support the use of glycine to improve the long-term blood sugar levels within individuals suffering from type 2 diabetes. As glycine is sweet, it’s often recommend as a sugar supplement for diabetics. SOURCE

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