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The Enchanted Highway

“The Enchanted Highway” in North Dakota features a collection of weird, large scrap metal sculptures to shock and awe drivers.

Creator of the Plastic Pink Flamingo Lawn Ornament Dies

It is indeed a sad and dark day.  Don Featherstone, the inventor of the kitsch Americana yard ornament, the plastic pink flamingo, has died at age 79.  Featherstone, a sculptor, created the legendary ornamental lawn flamingo in 1957 for a plastics company.  The fake lawn bird went on to become the pop culture symbol of […]

“Crazy Tile” from Ugly House Photos

When I saw this it did something weird to my eyes.  It’s one of the homes-for-sale images featured on Ugly House Photos.  He’s right, imagine looking at this crazy tile first thing in the morning with a headache hangover!  ARRRRRGGGGH! DON’T STARE AT THIS TOO LONG! THERE’S SOMETHING EVIL ABOUT IT!

The Sci-Fi Art of Bruce Pennington

Artist Bruce Pennington paints fantastic, out-of-this-world illustrations that have been featured in many magazines and tabloids. If you’re into sci-fi art, check out his website. I love this painting of a home or outpost on another world (click to enlarge for full scale!).

See the Amazing Seashell House

Imagine inhabiting the environs of a giant seashell, inside the belly of a living creature!  Here is a fascinating home shaped in the form of a seashell, with an amazing inside, the brainchild of Mexican architect Javier Senosiain who is into “organic architecture.”

Violating a Corpse, The Ultimate Sin

Oh you dirty bastard.  Imagine the stench of death and rotting remains fluid stuck on his unclean dick when he orders you to give him head… after he did this most REPULSIVE ACT of violating the body of someone dead. A mortal sin worthy of death.

Meet Melissa, The Cat Who Loves To Stick Its Tongue Out

Cat in Russia loves to stick its tongue out at the world. A real patriot.

Welcome to the Vault of Atomic Space Age

The Vault of Atomic Spage Age: Retro vintage visions of a future that never was.

“Traffic Stop”

Kid selling watercolors that reflect the seedy aspect of life today…

NYC Sheriff’s Deputy Has Internet Sluts Swooning to Breed with Him

MASTURBATION MATERIAL! After the release of “sizzling photos” of this cop that went Instagram viral online, women (and gay men) are all hot to trot for Deputy Miguel Pimentel.  See more photos of this hot specimen here!  [Of curse there are numerous Tumblr pages featuring HOT REAL COPS aside from pimento.] Look at those arms! […]

And They Call This Art…

What’s It All About, Alfie? You might like Weird Vintage… Time for some “Mad Men” music to accompany the weird artform… OK she’s so good here’s another one… and another one!

FLORIDA Town Goes Apeshit Over Artist’s Home & Trees Covered in Foil (PHOTOS)

“This is art,” Janowski said. “In their thick, bureaucratic books, I’m sure they have nothing against this.” “I don’t know what the heck that thing is,” said Lynn Martin, who has lived across the street for about 20 years. “It’s the strangest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.” When Viena artist Piotr Janowski covered […]