Daily Archives: July 1st, 2015

Murder Suspect Claims To Be Haunted by Ghost of Victim

Daniel French says he has apologized to the apparition of an old lady he murdered, which he claims has appeared to him several times. “It wasn’t my intention to choke her to death. I was just trying to get her to black out and she wouldn’t. I choked her to death.”

Doggie Spots

Sick and tired of having his lawn and trees destroyed by dog urine and turds by dog walkers in his Brooklyn, NYC neighborhood, a man built porta-potties for dogs to do their business in, naming them Doggie Spots.  He put several of them around his block. Little did he know children were seen playing in […]

VIDEO: Nasty Old Lady Offers Her Old, Sagging Breasts to Youngsters for a Cigarette (ADULT, NSFW)

Cringe-worthy video from Russia. Youngsters film old lady exposing her breasts to them for a smoke. Yuck.

Lazy Housewife’s Toxic Cinnamon Rolls

A lazy housewife who didn’t finish cleaning the oven cleaner off the inside of her oven or its oven rack, decided to bake cinnamon rolls. Instead of cleaning the oven rack she came up with this makeshift rack using coat hangers for baking them. They all got sick with extreme, spraying diarrhea from the cinnamon […]

Pat Robertson Tells Woman To Cut Ties With Her “Satanic” Palm-Reading Mother-In-Law

A viewer asked host Pat Robertson whether she should allow her daughter to see her mother-in-law who “practices witchcraft and palm readings.” Robertson urged the woman to completely cut her mother-in-law out of her life. “This is the daughter of the devil,” Robertson said, “You apparently have Mrs. Devil as your mother-in-law. She is in […]

Donald Trump Pinatas Now on Sale in Mexico

Mexico fights back against Trump’s discrimination with pinatas created by artist Dalton Avalos Ramirez, and sells for 500 pesos, or $40. See his Pinateria Ramirez Facebook for more. Time magazine says the Trump pinatas “are a hit in Mexico.”