Daily Archives: July 3rd, 2015

World’s Scariest Motel Room (SHOCKING PHOTOS)

Motel guests sleep on the side of a jagged cliff in Peru, but to get there you have to scale the cliff in a harness! The Hell?

World’s Biggest Cow

A gigantic cow named Blosom has caught the attention of Guinness. WHAT has she been feeding it?

Dreadful Woman Gets Smashed with Chair After Refusing to Get Off Property (VIDEO)

Aussie guys manhandle drunken foul-mouthed woman who disrupted their party.  She kept f-bombing them, daring them to “beat a woman.” BONUS: Woman Falls to Her Death From Building After Argument with Her Boyfriend in Foreign Land

Nasty Fat Lady Scratches Her Pussy with Back Scratcher (VIDEO)

CRINGE-WORTHY… Youngsters are grossed out when the fat lady points the back scratcher at them saying, “SMELL!”

Pyramid Lake on Indian Land Draws Huge Fourth of July Crowd; Fireworks Sales (VIDEO)

Pyramid Lake, a huge deep blue salt water lake some 10 miles out of Reno, Nevada is full of 4th of July campers at this time (you need to purchase a camping permit from the Paiute Tribe first).  Large crowds are expected for Fourth of July festivities in Reno and surrounding areas as well, including […]

Trailer: “Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!”

Oh Hell yes! Flying sharks arriving in random tornadoes ATTACK the entire east coast of America on the Syfy Channel, July 22!

No, You Don’t Add Peas to Guacamole!

NO GREEN PEAS IN GUACAMOLE EVER! The Internet goes nuts over a New York Times recipe saying to add green peas to guacamole.  Consumerist writes, “No, New York Times, No One Wants To Put Peas In Their Guacamole.” See Salon’s collective of damning tweets here.  See more disgusted tweets on Twitter under hastag #NYTrecipes. TRUST […]

Crow Rides on Back of Eagle (SHOCKING PHOTOS)

Photographer Phoo Chan captured astonishing images of a crow landing on the back of a flying eagle.

Who is the Mysterious Undertaker Riding a Coffin on a Lake in Australia?

A mysterious man dressed as an undertaker has been spotted riding a coffin on the misty waters of Canberra’s Lake Burley Griffin. More details and photos on Mashable.

What the Fourth of July Celebration is About (For Youngsters Who Don’t Know)

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY WEEKEND, WEB TRAVELERS — It hath begun, the travel day for 4th of July get2gethers. Many have taken this day off to celebrate our country’s 239th anniversary of independence from Britain, who ruled the 13 colonies of colonial America. Did you know that 58% of Americans don’t know what country America […]

San Francisco News Crews Robbed on Live TV by Gunmen!

As the news broadcast went live, criminals pointed a gun at two TV news crews and stole their video equipment, in the very same place where a young girl was shot to death the day before in broad daylight right in front of her parents! The gunman who shot the girl was an ILLEGAL MEXICAN […]

Baby’s First Words: “F–K It” Learned from Doll Parents Plea

When two-year-old little Emily began speaking for the first time, her first words were obscene: “fuck it.” Parents claim she learned the filthy words not from them, but from a crying talking doll they bought from Toys ‘R Us called “My Little Baby Born Nappy Time.” “Hearing our two year old daughter swearing every day […]