Take Food Away From the Poor Who Protest, Says Elected Official



Brilliant idea, Bozo. Let’s make the poor and disadvantaged suffer even more than they already are by… STARVING THEM! They’re already living in poverty as it is, struggling to survive with high unemployment rates. So Patrick McDoNUT (Wiki) gets the big idea they should be denied food for expressing their First Amendment rights. Oh yeah, dude, great idea. That’s some real first class problem-solving skills. Keep ’em coming.  [His website.]

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The Weird Pottery Art of Lucky Stradley

Something Lucky 13 Etsy

Etsy shop owner Lucky Stradley loves making ugly faces on pottery. Below are just some of her delightfully weird creations. Visit her shop to see lots more. These unique one-of-a-kind handmade creations would make a great gift for anyone who appreciates “fine art.” :-)

Castration in Movie Scenes

Sick-Cringe-FringeSevered penises in films are memorialized on the Tumblr blog Castration in Movie Scenes.

In the disturbing clip below, a man is beaten by a gang of thugs, the boss gives the order to cut his dick off, followed by a blood-spurting close-up of the severed dick and then the man is thrown into a tub of acid, where we see a close-up of the skin melting off his face.


60 Percent of Frozen Shrimp are Riddled with Deadly Bacteria and Antibiotics, Study Finds

Toxic FoodA comprehensive study of frozen shrimp by Consumer Reports has revealed disgusting facts about the popular shellfish. Shrimp are wildly popular in the U.S., as ABC reports that the average American consumes as much as four pounds of shrimp every year.

Shrimp Is Loaded With Bacteria!

Eating Shrimp is Like Licking Your Toilet!

Lunatic Mother Brutally Beats Up Woman Over Parking Spot in Front of Her Kids — And Husband Eggs Her On

Original Cell-Phone Video

Parking Spot AttackA verbal dispute over a parking spot turned physical, with a lunatic woman (in orange) beating the victim’s face in.  Meanwhile, the attacker’s husband is egging his wife on while holding a small child in his arms. “My wife is gonna beat her ass!” he cries out. “Yeah, baby, bust her face!” When a little boy tries to intervene, yelling, “Mom, stop it!” he is told by another woman, “respect your elders.”

Not a single person tried to stop the brutal beating and the two women have been arrested.  Here’s are newslinks to the beating.  YouTube removed the video.

Wake N’ Bacon: Alarm Clock Wakes You With the Smell of Bacon


Before bedtime, place a piece of frozen bacon in the Wake N’ Bacon alarm clock and set the clock to your preferred wake-up time. Ten minutes before your wake-up time the clock starts cooking your bacon and you are awakened to the comforting smell of bacon.  That’s really all there is to this ingenious invention that Shark Tank had the audacity to turn their snooty noses up at.

NYPD Arrests More Than 60 People Protesting Freddie Gray’s Death Tonight


Peuuuuuu! Not exactly “tea-bagging” — wonder what you call that move? I hope the poor protester didn’t get a whiff of any sweaty man butt smells or farts during his hog-tying procedure. No wonder Freddy Gray got his neck and spine broken! [Use this Twitter link to see all the protester arrest photos and stories.  The NY Daily News has video of the arrests.]

Look at that. A gray-haired old man is carried off by the goons in blue. Seriously? NY just had to disrupt the protest held there, when none were hauled off in Baltimore at the same time. From FOX News:

Old Man Arrested Freddie Gray
Gray-haired old man “a threat” according to NYPD goons.

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Furious Wife Smashes Cheating Husband’s Car with Bare Hands (VIDEO)

While her cheating husband cowers inside the car, his angry wife smashes the windshield with bloodied hands, screaming at him for being a cheater.  [Thanks to [DudeComedy.com for the entertainment.]

Read description/info below!

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“I’m Gonna Smack the Shit Out of You” Shouts Big Brother at His 11-Year-Old Sister For Being Dirty Online Already

Listen to the little girl’s big brother threaten and scold his younger sister for putting nasty pics of herself online.  He not only threatens to “smack the shit” out of her, but the “niggas who fuck with her.” Now that’s a big brother’s love all right! [From Worldstar Hip Hop]

[He should tell her that it’s illegal for her to be putting nasty pictures of herself out there while underage — cops consider the garbage child porn no matter whether the person themself uploads them.]

GONE VIRAL: Nasty Ho Calls Ex-Boyfriend with Phone Camera on While Giving Oral Sex to Another Dude

Pig-2Likes.com writes: “Recently a guy got a FaceTime call from his ex. When he answered she was blowing some dude. Obviously this guy was not happy. So what did he do? He posted it to Facebook of course. Revenge!”

(See the Uncensored Penis Image Here)


[See story on DudeComedy.com and originally posted on “Reddit Trashy” (w/uncensored photo).]