Shameless Old Whore Has Sex With Crowd of Young Men in Broad Daylight (ADULT, NSFW)

SickCringe-worthy EVIL UNDER THE SUN of a dirty old cougar sexually servicing a crowd of eager young men in a remote village of a foreign land.  SATANResidents of the village shun the unrepentant old whore for having lewd sex with their young in broad daylight and refer to her as an evil witch.  An educational film crew took this nauseating footage of one of the woman’s sex sessions with a crowd of the village’s promising young men, who are unashamed to show their rock hard erections for the old sow as they all take turns with a woman old enough to be their granny.

“The most disgusting swill ever released onto the Internet,” remarked an eyewitness.


9-Ft Tall Snowman on Long Island Still Around

Long Island SnowmanFacebook’s Save the Snowman page shows the Long Island snowman still alive, despite the fact that spring has sprung.  To keep him alive, the snowman’s owner is accepting donations of snow.


New York News

15 of the Worst Hotel Rooms

Disgruntled hotel guests have been posting their hotel horror photos on the website and Oddee has collected some of the charming photos.

Nasty Hotel Mattress

Nasty Mattress

A TON of Seminal DNA on Orange Wall

Hotel DNA

Fed-Up Husband Chains Feminist Wife to Kitchen

Angry husband, fed-up with not getting a hot meal when he comes home from work, decided his feminist wife needed to be taught a lesson:

“My new wife is on Facebook and her phone all day and never does anything in the house, including learning how to cook,” the angry husband shouted. “So I chained her to the kitchen. Even better was the mouth gag I added to keep her feminist protests quiet, constantly calling me a sexist, misogynist pig and shit like that. I just want a clean house and a hot meal! Is that too much to expect from marriage?”

Chained to the Kitchen1

Chained to the Kitchen2

Abandoned Art Deco Gas Station from the 1930s Restored as Starbucks (PHOTOS)

Although the City of Los Angeles designated the 1935 gas station as a Historical Cultural Monument, it was closed down and abandoned for two decades… until Starbucks acquired the property and renovated it, converting it from a gas station to a drive-through coffee shop.

Restored Historic Gas Station

Conspiracy Theorists Suspicious of JADE Military Training Drills (SECRET SPY VIDEO)

JADE Training Florida
“In this apparent martial law training drill caught on video, “arrested” citizens are rounded up and forced to march single file, led by an armed soldier with night vision gear and a rifle.” Writes Natural News.


A massive U.S. military drill called “Operation Jade Helm” will have 1,200 service members, including Green Berets and SEALs and special forces from the Air Force and Marines, engage in an 8-week training drill in various towns of the Southwest this year.

But conspiracy theorists on the Internet are fearful the drills are the “hostile” military’s preparation to impose martial law on Americans who are “fed up with an out-of-control federal government” and claim it’s a New World Order plan to take over.  Even a Congressman is fearful and has posted a warning on his Facebook page.

“JADE HELM 15 is a (SOC) Special Operations Command (RMT) Realistic Military Training planned drill for the South Western United States covering seven states which broke in alternative media almost a week ago,” writes Freedom Outpost. “I will not sit idly by and allow our alternative media to be portrayed as ‘conspiracy theorists’ by those that are ignorant or liars.”

by DahBoo7

Wrestle Mania Madness Last Night!

WowHighlights from last night’s great WWE Wrestlemania RAW show: Lucha Dragons and The New Day vs. The Ascension, Tyson Kidd and Cesaro… fantastic acrobatics!  Go to for more news Brock Lesnar’s suspension by bitch Stephanie McMahon on last night’s over-the-top FREAK SHOW!

Ape Brock Lesnar smashed the announcers’ desk and beat them all up, which got him suspended indefinitely by the superbitch owner of the wrestlers, Miss Stephanie McMahon.  EMT stretchers were wheeled for the knocked-out announcers after Lesnar left.

Roman Reigns goes for Orton's Trunks to Cheering Crowd
Everyone’s always trying to yank Orton’s Speedo trunks down.

And see this worship site for hot stud Samoan wrestler, Roman Reigns — which has links to other Reigns worship sites… Also see Daily Wrestling News.  Roman is 6-ft 3-in, 265-lbs from FLORIDA!

Roman Reigns
OMG let’s fuck.

Little Girl Heart-Broken at Finding Her Dog Cooked

Dog Killed For Food in Vietnam

Our Sick WorldA heart-breaking photo (above) of a dear five-year-old little girl devastated by the discovery that her beloved dog named Flower, has been cooked and was being sold for meat in a roast shop in Vietnam has gone viral on social networks.

Cat Attacks Man Who’s Slapping Infant (VIDEO)

AssholeryA heroic cat defends a helpless baby from father’s slapping attack. Despite the cat’s attack on the man’s arm several times to stop him from slapping, the Russian continued, shoving the heroic cat away — until the cat got really annoyed and stuck its claws into his arm.  He deserved what the cat did to him. Things could have been far worse — the cat could have BITTEN his arm.

Killer Pilot Was Gay Bullying Victim

Killer Pilot Gay Bullying Victim
Source: Joe My God

Andreas ­Lubitz, the certified NUT co-pilot who flew a plane into a mountainside, was a “closet gay” and that his motive for crashing the plane was he “mercilessly taunted” with gay slurs by his airline colleagues.  In the days before crashing the plane it’s being reported that he trawled gay porn websites.  He was depressed, angry and under a great deal of stress over being taunted with gay slurs by his male colleagues at the airline.  Psychologists believe this gay bullying scenario created a toxic work environment that caused the mentally-disturbed co-pilot to crack up and seek revenge against his colleagues by crashing the plane.

“Lubitz’ relationship with his girlfriend is said to have broken down and it has been claimed that he was secretly homosexual. He was even taunted by pilot pals for previously being a “trolley dolly” airline steward and dubbed Tomato Andy – a derogatory gay slur…” [Source]

“Former colleagues told how Lubitz was mercilessly taunted over his cabin crew past. He was nicknamed “Tomato Andy” because they believed he didn’t know if he was a “fruit or veg” – a reference to his sexuality. One ex-workmate said it was slang term for a “straight who was really gay”. Another added: “Everyone thought it strange that he kept on going back home to his mum and dad at weekends.” [Source]

“His airline colleagues called Lubitz “Tomato Andi,” a joke gay term used to describe someone who repressed their homosexuality, a tomato being commonly referred to as a vegetable despite being a fruit.” [Source]