Wrestle Mania Madness Last Night!

WowHighlights from last night’s great WWE Wrestlemania RAW show: Lucha Dragons and The New Day vs. The Ascension, Tyson Kidd and Cesaro… fantastic acrobatics!  Go to WWE.com for more news Brock Lesnar’s suspension by bitch Stephanie McMahon on last night’s over-the-top FREAK SHOW!

Ape Brock Lesnar smashed the announcers’ desk and beat them all up, which got him suspended indefinitely by the superbitch owner of the wrestlers, Miss Stephanie McMahon.  EMT stretchers were wheeled for the knocked-out announcers after Lesnar left.

Roman Reigns goes for Orton's Trunks to Cheering Crowd

Everyone’s always trying to yank Orton’s Speedo trunks down.

And see this worship site for hot stud Samoan wrestler, Roman Reigns — which has links to other Reigns worship sites… Also see Daily Wrestling News.  Roman is 6-ft 3-in, 265-lbs from FLORIDA!

Roman Reigns

OMG let’s fuck.

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