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Scorned Husband’s Warning to Horny Homewrecker

An upscale house in Illinois was tagged with a message for the occupant, who apparently has been making advances to the angry husband’s wife.  [Photo by a Redditor] Using keywords: “cheating wife” read stories about them in Dead Bedrooms. Looking for some entertaining reading?  Read Reddit’s CONFESSION area.

FLORIDA: Cop Pepper-Sprays Crazy Woman Attacking News Reporters (VIDEO)

News reporters covering an officer shooting story are attacked by a woman who went batshit crazy on them without reason.  She just appeared out of nowhere and started to damage TV equipment.  Crazy woman had to be “subdued” by a blast of ever-handy pepper spray directly to her face only inches away (at pos. 0:22).  [...]

UPDATED! Wife Acts Like a Child (VIRAL VIDEO)

UPDATE: The husband in this viral video has MOVED OUT and FILED A RESTRAINING ORDER against his soon-to-be ex-wife as seen in this outrageous video.  Apparently this was the last video he took of her shenanigans before leaving her.  The husband says she’s a drunk on probation for a DUI and wouldn’t go to marriage [...]

Drunken Wife Stabs Drunken Husband in Fight Over Remote Control, Then Shits on Officers (VIDEO)

60-year-old Cynthia Siua stabbed her 60-year-old husband of only two months, Louis, in the head and back with a kitchen knife in an altercation over a remote control.  As the cops took her out, she shit on officers.  Yeah, alcohol was involved… “While these three officers were trying to place the suspect under arrest, she [...]

Reporters Find Flies in Drinks at Crazy Amy’s Baking Company

Freakshow Amy and her husband Sammy continue to be scrutinized by their customers who are going there to give the couple a hard time. LOL “Never mind the slow, inexperienced staff, the tense atmosphere in the restaurant and the empty tables which made me wonder where the publicized 1,000 reservations were on a Friday night, [...]

MUST-SEE PHOTOS! Crazy Son-of-a-Bitch Bulldozes His Neighbor’s Homes!

When a Psychopath Strikes… SEATTLE (AP) – Barry Alan Swegle, a man angry at his neighbors, went on a rampage in a bulldozer Friday on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula, damaging four homes, knocking one off its foundation and cutting power to thousands of people, authorities said.  Swegle was “highly agitated” and that “apparently there appears to [...]

College Nut of the Day: The Rape Preacher

This is “Brother” Dean Saxton, a nut on the campus of the University of Arizona (details here), who says girls ask for rape by the way they dress, hence the “you deserve rape” sign.  Students set up an online petition to get rid of this garbage. See article about this nutter on The Inquisitor. Here [...]

Road Rage Maniac

Marine road-rager causes accident and tries to attack disabled guy who refuses to get out.  Marine road-rager arrested and taken away. WARNING: Foul language.

New Korean War Brewing; North Korea Cancels 1953 Peace Pact; U.S. “Thermonuclear” Attack Threat Made

We’ve warned you a couple of times in the last month about North Korea’s ruler Kim Jong Un’s nuclear threats against the U.S., saying it’s nukes are on “stand-by” and now the crazy little lunatic is threatening South Korea with “all-out-war.” Worried?  Read Could North Korea really hit us with a nuke? “Annihilate the enemy”: [...]

Sick Syrians Desecrate the Corpses of Two Men, Cutting Off the Genitals (VIDEO)

Asad’s Shabiha Syrians put up video showing them kicking dead bodies, cutting off their genitals and putting the head of one corpse on the mutilated penis of another.  It is said these men were STILL ALIVE while they were mutilated.  Video also on LiveLeak.