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Whore House in the Suburbs Spotted

The audacity of that dirty married slut cheating on her husband and advertising it to get neighborhood men to do her! Write about the whore homewrecker that stole your husband on the new homewrecker skank shaming site, ShesAHomewrecker.com!  Highly interesting reading! She even put up this colorful sign because married men’s COCKS just feel better!

Meet Cindy Crotchford

Cindy Crotchford channels John Waters’ Divine. Go ahead, impregnate her (if you can get through that bush).

Best Man at Wedding Catches His Friend’s Wife Cheating (VIRAL VIDEO)

A man says he caught his friend’s wife cheating at a bar, and he has the video to prove it! According to the New York Post, the man, named James, followed the woman after his friend, the woman’s husband, had suspected her of cheating. He recorded some of their exchange, and the video has since […]

Ramifications of Being a Whore

All she did was go out to the club with her girlfriends to dance and drink… and came home pregnant by a total stranger — a slob whose name she never asked.  This is the only photo the child will ever see of its father. Get a load of this ridiculous male whore, just begging […]

All Christmas Shopping at Walmart is Canceled

Go ahead guys, dive your head down there and perform Anilingus on him just like they do in porn. Shit Ass!  Learn How to Wipe, Asshole!

Missouri Governor Tweets Tasteless Photo of Himself Voting Next to Woman’s Butt Crack

Jay Nixon, Governor of Missouri, failed to notice the voter sitting next to him sporting major butt crack in this photo he Tweeted to his Twitter account yesterday.  Why is this woman voter not wearing underwear?

Druggy, Foul-Mouthed Teenage Prick Antagonizes WalMart Employees (VIDEO)

What a rotten little piece of swill with a foul mouth, boasting of being “fucked up on mollies” (Methylenedioxymethamphetamine or “Ecstasy”) and wonders if his PO (probation officer) will find out.  The dumpster sperm fertilization product of losers who should never have been allowed to procreate.  The future of jail looms for this scum.  Oh […]

“F*ck Your Ginseng!” Watch San Francisco Tour Guide’s Racist Chinatown Rant Before She GETS OUT OF TOWN

German tourists film a tour guide in San Francisco going off on a foul-mouthed racist rant against the city’s Chinese population on her last day of work, KGO reports.  And as she delivered her filthy racist rant, passengers on her tour bus APPLAUDED HER. This Bitch Has a Real Gutter Mouth “F*ck your preschools and […]

Bigmouth Father and Ratchet Daughter Fight Pregnant Woman (VIDEO)

Filthy-mouthed low-class slobs fight it out in the street with a crazed white pregnant woman as bystanders cheer the fight on. Apparently the pregnant woman hit the bigmouth father’s wife and his daughter (in red stringy top) avenges her mother by beating the woman’s ass in her yard. Listen to the bigmouth father making threats […]

Nick Jonas Strips, Gropes His Penis for Penis-Obsessed Fans

It’s a repeat of the infamous bad boy “Marky Mark” crude crotch grab from Calvin Klein ads of the dim and distant past, yet with all the penis-envy going on in today’s sick world everyone’s going ga-ga goo-goo over Nick’s junk same as Marky.  Proof once again that advertising the phallus is big business.  [Are […]