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Conan O’Brien Takes A Shot at CNN’s Ebola Obsession

Conan goes after CNN for their excessive Ebola coverage.  LOL MUST-SEE!

Friday the 13th Halloween Scare Prank!

Watch the full video below!  Not to be missed.

Horrific Diving Board Accident

Congress Approves Bill That Will Offer Free Automobiles To Welfare Recipients! YAY!

The White House announced its plan to offer free motor vehicles to welfare recipients, after congress passed the bill in a narrow vote. The program, initiated by President Barrack Obama, is very similar to what is now widely known to the public as “The Obama Phone,” where welfare recipients can get free cell phone service […]

Fukushima: 97-Year-Old Woman Blames Radiation for Large Clitoris

An elderly woman from the southern region of Japan claims that leaking radiation from Fukushima has had dramatic effects on her own body, increasing her clitoris six-fold.

Prankster Wearing Tight Red Speedos Tries to Hug Guys on the Street

Watch guys look at the red speedos and cringe as the prankster tries to embrace them.

Stealing Black People’s Cell Phones (VIDEO)

White pranksters decide to “go into the ‘hood to steal black people’s cell phones” and film what happens.

Rent-a-Baby Program

The Weekly World News reports: “A new government  program allows couples to “rent” babies before deciding whether to have a child of their own.  For $5,000, couples get to rent a baby for up to eight weeks.  The couple can renew the lease or the baby is returned and sent to another couple for the […]

Greetings from the Grand Canyon (Heh-Heh)

“Mom was worried about my trip to the Grand Canyon, I sent her this picture.”  [Facebook]  

Current #1 on the Best Seller List!

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