Daily Archives: February 3rd, 2015

Doctor Plucks Maggots Out of a Woman’s Nasty Pussy! (VIDEO)

Cringe/Vomit Worthy Treat-of-the-Week, Darlins! — In some foreign land, a dirty old maggot-infested vagina is plucked free of creepy crawly maggots that encrust it. Eccccch… enough to turn a straight man gay!

Cockatoo Imitates Fighting Divorced Couple

“Peaches was owned by a couple that eventually got a divorce and the bird now mimicks the couple arguing, even aggressively moving her head as if pointing to the one she is arguing with.”

Sex-Crazed Druggy Gays Put on a Show of Sodomy for Senior Citizens on Tour Bus

“Welcome to New York!” Shouted two naked gay men as they performed anal sex in the aisle of a senior citizen tour bus from Nebraska going through New York’s Holland Tunnel.