Daily Archives: February 1st, 2015

Man Left Warm Water Tap Running During Freeze — This is What Happened (PHOTOS)

This astonishing frozen waterfall was created out of a building in China, after a seventh-floor resident left the hot tap on all winter.

Guys Joke Around After Their Car Goes Off A Cliff (VIDEO)

After flipping their car 60 feet down a hillside after a failed prank, these bloodied guys joke around. Fucken kids today are total badass psychopaths.


Disastrous cats are termed “catasters.” “Get off my cake you son-of-a-bitch!” Jail this cat-molesting asshole!  Oh you dirty bastard!

Disgusting House Guest Urinates All Over Friend’s Bedroom; Films It & Laughs

What a bad house guest. [Adult shit NSFW] Dirty filthy pig.

Anal Sex in Grand Theft Auto 5 Video Game and Many More Sex Scenes for Your Kids to Enjoy!

Looky what game programmers are writing into games for kids these days. Oh looky! Here’s another one!

Spiral Staircase for Cats

A couple of gays who retooled their house into a cat’s Disneyland includes ceiling level catwalk shelves and a fantastic spiral staircase for their furry felines. “Something no home should be without.”  

Tortured Son-in-Law Receives Foul Insults from His Evil Mother-in-Law 10 Years After Her Death

This Nasty Old Sea Hag is Long Dead, But Her Filthy Letters are Not! As a condition of her Last Will and Testament, some guy’s evil, cruel mother-in-law who hated his guts, has the executor of her estate send her son-in-law filthy letters insulting him at the rate of once a week.   The old bitch […]

Man Gets Gigantic 25-Pound Penis Implant in Hopes of a Porn Career

Lucas Weston, a not-so-bright UCLA law student, decided there is more money in porn than practicing law.  He sought out Doctor Frankenstein who agreed to install a 25-pound penile implant that gives the twisted student the biggest penis on planet Earth to satisfy his lifelong dream of becoming a pornstar — wasting tens of thousands […]

Tomorrowland Trailer

Fantastic-looking city of the future seen in this trailer for Disney’s sci-fi epic, Tomorrowland, coming to theaters on May 22, 2015. Sparse details on this secret movie on Wiki. Are you interested in cities of the future? See Metropolis of Tomorrow to see artists’ conceptions.

Updates Resume Tomorrow

Been busy with other things, but will post some new strange stuff Monday. Have a good Super Bowl Sunday and I hope you win your bets!