Daily Archives: February 4th, 2015

Don’t Have to Walk the Dog Anymore (VIRAL)

25,000 RABID comments on this clip, claiming animal cruelty. Post by Funny Vines.

White Trash Scum Tortured and Murdered a Pet Llama

“I know these animals well enough to know that she laid there and screamed.” Three sick pieces of human swill grabbed someone’s beloved pet llama, tortured and mutilated it.  After they cut the poor animal in half they left its severed body in two places.  They have been caught and jailed — let’s hope some […]

Strange Creature Freaks Out Plantation Workers (VIDEO)

Plantation workers recorded an encounter with a strange-looking animal at an oil palm plantation on January 30. Read about it here. Atomic abomination caused by pollution like the hideous creatures turning up in China and Japan? A follow-up suggests the “creature” is a sick “sun bear.” This article says the creature was unharmed.

Meet Precious

On “Played by a Transsexual,” Jerry Springer introduces “Precious,” a surprise date for his horny guest.

Kim Jong-Un Cat Scratching Post Will Cost You $7,360.00!

A cat scratching post made in the likeness of the much-hated dictator of North Korea is claimed to be “a one-of-a-kind masterpiece” by its maker is being sold for $7,360.