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MUST SEE! Cats Attacking Christmas Trees!

Those little devils!  A great compilation of videos showing crazed cats destroying Christmas trees, heh-heh!

Polar Bear Chases Man Around His Car — The SHOCKING Photos!

Black Bear Heaven writes: “From Barrow, Alaska. A photographer got careless and let the bear get too close and he did not have time to get into his truck before the Polar Bear started chasing him around the truck.”  See the shocking photos here.

Auntie Fee’s GROSS Thanksgiving Turkey (WARNING: VOMIT-WORTHY)

Dear God, she actually fed THAT to her Thanksgiving guests! The Nastiest Turkey on Earth WATCH HOW SHE MADE THAT SHIT (click the MORE LINK below)

The Hell? This is a Children’s Playground!

Girl Shitting Herself While Twerking Becomes Internet Viral Video Sensation

Euuuu! With all that shaking her intestines around it’s no wonder she developed a leakage (starts about 22 seconds in). Fortunately that leotard thing she’s got on holds the liquid excrement in so it doesn’t fly all over the walls and floor.  Don’t twerk after scarfing down Mexican food.  Not wise.

Rat Uses Subway Escalator Like a Treadmill in LA

Human vermin at a Los Angeles subway were treated to a rat’s exercise regimen — on the escalator!

Being Gored by Bulls Compilation (VIDEO)

A succulent compilation of fools being gored by the deadly horns of bulls, with a scintillating Latin soundtrack in praise of it. Fap-fap-fap!


FOX NEWS: “Spanish clothier Zara is apologizing for a children’s T-shirt that some say resembles garments worn by Jewish prisoners in World War II Nazi concentration camps, complete with a six-pointed, yellow star.”  Their online ad is screen-capped below.

Removed from the Gene Pool

Guy crushed by brick wall during house demolition.

Neighbor Shame.com

Disturbing and oftentimes VILE photos of neighbor filth and deprivation at NeighborShame.com (a site similar to the classic People of Walmart). Let us not forget White Trash Repairs… another exciting delight from the outer limits of the cringe-fringe worthy Internet!