Sexy Tongue Monster

Our New Year’s Eve bad boy ESCORT with bottle in hand, shirt off, pants undone and beer spilled down that hot body to lick off in front of everyone in a shocking display of sinful, wanton sex desire!  Ah, the sights in the bars on New Year’s Eve!  I hope you ALL get laid good on this frigid night with a warm body between your sheets to keep you warm after the clock strikes 12 tonight for the year 2015 to officially begin!

Beer Drunk

FLORIDA: Baby Starves to Death in Car as Fat Parents Ate at Buffet Restaurant

fattyeatingLittle Betsey Kee Stephens, born on December 1, was found dead of malnutrition, strapped in her car seat in her parents’ car, which was parked outside the Golden Corral buffet chain restaurant in Lakeland, Florida, while her parents were inside stuffing their faces with “endless buffet” food.  Little Betsey only weighed the equivalent of two bags of sugar.

Baby Starved as Parents Ate Buffet

SUPERB VIDEO: Snow Day in Reno, Nevada

The highrises of Downtown Reno, Nevada are seen at center in this great shot of the rare snow deluge of December 30, 2014 taken from a remote hillside — likely the Desert Research Institute — a scant mile or so away.
[CLICK TO ENLARGE for HD close-up]
Local channel 4 news chief photographer put together this cool video for Facebook embedded below.  Very cool shots in unusual places around town. Worth a look!


Post by KRNV News 4.

It’s Stinky Butts New Year’s Eve!

We’ve reached the mid-decade mark of the second decade of the 21st century, referred to as the “twenty-tens.”

Tiger12-28-14-1New Year’s Eve started out this morning at a freezing 10 degrees, thanks to a Polar Vortex from the north swinging down, freezing most of America today with frigid temps.  The expected high today, like yesterday, will be 25 degrees or so here in Reno at 4500 feet. The High Sierras nearby are covered in fresh white snowpack.  It’s all quite lovely to see — the crystal clear blue sky with bright white mountain peaks and green Sequoia and Pine tree branches laden with white snow.


As for the year 2014, I’d like to vomit out all memory of the lousy, tedious, annoying year of 2014.  No sad farewell for it here.  Stank like all the big fat stinky butts lined up for Black Friday trying to get shit for nothing, like the stinky butts lined up at the buffet all the thyme, stinky butts in long lines at the supermarket with carts full of junk food… OR all the stinky butts in the crowd at New Year’s Eve fireworks all up on you, rubbing against you, the stench of stale cologne, oily hair, cigarette smoke-infused clothing as their big fat stinky butts sway from side to side all around you in the crowd!


My Tiger Cat soaking up the warmth from the electric blanket beneath her this morning.
NOT DEAD!  That be my Tiger Cat soaking up the warmth from the electric blanket beneath her this New Year’s Eva morning.  Aww, ain’t she cute?  Look at them stripes on her little paws.

Read more about HOT CUNT FOR DICKS…

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SICK SWILL: “Food Baby NY”

SickFood-addicted obese junk food worshiping parents in the cesspool known as New York foist images of their babies with food on Instagram for Internet whoredom.  Already poisoning the kiddies with artery-clogging shit food and gearing them up to be a statistic in the the obesity and diabetes epidemic raging in this cuntry.  Are they just “cute baby pictures” or is this something dark and sick?  YOU be the judge, sonny!



Siberian Freeze Hits Reno

Doctor-GravesOK my little devils, I’ve been off from the site for a day or two, sorry about that!  I’ve got a life!  Wow!  LOL :-)

Anyway, we’ve got a nasty little cold front VORTEX thing hitting us up here in Reno bringing freezing temps and snow that’s certain to cause the natives distress as they drive on black ice roads this morning.  The high for Tuesday, Dec. 30 will only be 27, so you can imagine how cold the morning’s gonna be here in gamblin town!  And the morning low on New Year’s Day will be 10 degrees here — so that means everyone’s gonna freeze their balls off on New Year’s Eve watching the FIREWORKS show put on by the casinos, hee-hee.  No way I’m going down there in that cold unless someone supplies me with a mink fur coat!  I’ll just be a pussy and watch the fireworks live on my TV set in my bath robe while petting my pussy cats with a mud pack on my face.  Sounds fun, dun’t it? LOL :-)

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WTF? Yoga Farts

Disgusting yoga class student farts when instructor touches his ass.
Student warned instructor: “DON’T TOUCH ME.”  But when the instructor touched his ass anyway, the student ripped a loud and PUNGENT fart stench from those ridiculous yoga pants he’s wearing!  Oh the audacity!

Farting faux pas in Yoga class… well, when you’re in THAT position…  He ate a big meal of Mexican food a few hours before, so you can imagine his fart scent in the face of the instructor (a little delightful detail for you).  Watch Facebook video below.


Post by Bondi Hipsters.



The Machine That Eats EVERYTHING

Watch things be destroyed by this marvel of a machine!

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