Daily Archives: December 23rd, 2014

HD Winter Scenes

Below is a stunning high-def image of Mount Rainier in Washington state (1920 x 1200 pixels), along with a couple of equally stunning snow scenes (when enlarged to full size).

Train Around the Tree

Rudolph’s Express winds round my little tree as the eyes of curious cats watch…

VIDEO: Road Rage Woman Terrorizes Two Girls

Auburn, California (foothills of Sierra Nevadas) — Crazy woman in a truck terrorizes two girls in their car as they film the nut’s road rage antics ahead of them.  Hear the girls’ fear and screams of terror as the weird, road-raging woman tries to shove them off the road with her truck, then gets out […]

Man’s Zombie Nativity Scene Freaks Out Town/Neighbors (VIDEO)

DAILY MAIL — An Ohio homeowner was ordered by town officials to remove a Nativity scene in front of his house that featured zombies instead of wise men and a baby Jesus.  The Nativity scene features life-size figures and a zombie baby Jesus, with pale skin and pure white eyes. At night, the figures are […]

Woman With Three Breasts Filmed Walking “Her Dogs”

A couple of guys in their car spot a woman with three breasts walking around in a whore outfit with men on leashes crawling on their knees.

VIDEO: Watch 78-Year-Old Walmart Door Receipt Checker Try to Stop Thief

A thief trying to walk out of Walmart with a computer is caught by receipt checker, but he shoves her down and gets away. The thief drove off in a black Mercedes with no plates.

Christmas is About THIS, Not Presents/Santa

Majority of Americans Believe the Story of Jesus’ Birth is Historically Accurate.