Daily Archives: December 9th, 2014

VIRAL VIDEO: Pink Haired Woman Explains Why She Doesn’t Want to Work and Why She Should Get Free Money

“I think I should be given free money. Why work for money? Like why not just have fun and games? That’s what I’m all about.” The epitome of today’s entitled millennials. She says getting a job “takes up too much time and she doesn’t want to deal with people. Why work for money? I don’t […]

Asshole Tries REAL Hard to Incite Cop into Confrontation. …Officer Doesn’t Take the Bait (VIDEO)

Some jerk named Mike BlueHair tries to incite a cop about some bullshit. Man, there sure are a LOT of nuts out there looking for trouble. What a fucking asshole.

VIDEO SHOCKER: Drivers Watch Lightning Strike Split Tree in Two Before Them!

Aussies driving down a busy road are shocked to see lightning split a tree in two before them while their dashcam video was on recording the scary act of nature!

Janice DICKinson Complete Meltdown (VIDEO)

Direct quote… “I can’t breathe because of Bill Cosby!” – Janice Dickinson’s histrionics on Nancy Grace’s show goes viral.  Comments by viewers are mostly negative, saying she is not credible and calling her nuts (see the comments here, scroll down). “Fuck you, Bill Cosby,” Dickinson shouted, going on to explain that the comedian once called […]

Epidural Injection in my Spine

A disc is doing weird shit in my lower back causing pain and I have to have a big ass needle stuck in there to pump the inflamed area full of a steroid solution to stop it.  I hope this doesn’t turn into another Joan Rivers outpatient clinic disaster.  If I expire, I’ll leave instructions […]

Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Peters for President

I agree with EVERYTHING this Colonel said on the Hannity show on FOX last night! “My God! That Woman is Not Fit to be President!”

Your Jaw Will Drop at this Extreme Idiocy

Cringe-worthy Canadian BMW driver tries to back out of a parking space will make you scream at your computer screen.