Daily Archives: December 8th, 2014

Amazing Cat

He gets a handout of Temptations cat treats for striking that pose.

Deer Breaks Into Home!

WHEN ANIMALS ATTACK! A deer burst through the front doors of a New Jersey home, darted through the residence and ransacked the master bathroom.


Some guy dressed in military garb is exposed.

Caught On Video: Berkeley Rioter Knocks Out Man With Hammer

“Berkeleyside reporter Emilie Raguso caught the incident on camera, which shows a man wearing bicycle helmet pushing several protesters donning ski masks on a Berkeley sidewalk. Moments later, one protester slams the man with a hammer to his head, causing him to crash to the ground.” ANARCHIST’S HAMMER ATTACK! COP CAR SMASH UP!

Protester Arson? HUGE FIRE in Downtown L.A.! (VIDEO)

L.A. IN FLAMES AS LUNATICS RAMPAGE! After a weekend of protests in Los Angeles and other cities, suddenly a new apartment structure is burning, causing a huge traffic jam there. Coincidence? “KILLER COPS”: Masked protesting looters bash in windows in Bezerkley as madness continues across the country by angry people who do not agree with […]

Footprints Spotted on Surface in Today’s Mars Image!

Navcam: Left B image, taken at 2014-12-08 01:07:21 UTC, shows footprints in the mud at left of lander! WTF?  Somebody is either THERE or these pictures are NOT for real!


Violence everywhere! Looting, fires, window smashing, tear gas, protesters marching the streets, bricks thrown at cops, people screaming obscenities, hammer attack, lunatics running the streets, rapists, a failed hostage rescue, murda!  …and much, much more!  It’s a fucking living HELL!  America going down the TOILET at Christmastime!